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#Research Matters campaign highlights the impact and solutions of science

Before the parliamentary election, the University of Helsinki wishes to communicate to all Finns why research and research-based teaching are needed. Universities also have a more generic role of edification.

The parliamentary election campaign of the University of Helsinki is now also launching in English with the name #Researchmatters. The goal of the campaign is to communicate to the general public and decision-makers why research and research-based teaching are needed. The campaign website and materials have been published at

"I hope that the University community extensively contributes to relaying the campaign message, for example, through their personal social media channels and other networks. The strength and impact of the campaign depends on as wide visibility as possible for the message in various contexts," says Rector Jari Niemelä.

The message can be propagated, for example, by distributing campaign materials and communicating on social media about the personal significance of science or the goals of research by using the hashtags #Researchmatters and #Siksitiede.

A living room panel concept has also been developed in cooperation with the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. The idea of such panels is that a faculty, department, student association or a research group can invite parliamentary candidates for a small-scale political discussion in their facilities. These events can be held during the winter and early spring. Living room panels are a way to engage candidates in a wide-ranging manner in the goals of the University and students, while inspiring the community to act on the level of faculties and departments. Instructions for organising living room panels and, among other things, the campaign logo are available in the Flamma intranet (requires login).

More #Researchmatters-themed texts and videos will be published on the website during the winter and spring, as will articles on why universities are a good investment written by experts from various fields.

In connection with the campaign, the University's views on the type of science and higher education policy that should be conducted in the next government term will be communicated. These government programme objectives are available on the campaign website (link