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Bulletin 22.2.2021

On this page you will find information on seminar series on topics of interest for ILS students.

Cell Biology Club

The Cell Biology Club seminar series will be organized on selected Thursdays at 14.15-15.30 in Zoom

Link to Zoom

Program Spring 2022:

7th of April 

Hoiying Tsang (Hongxia Zhao’s group) 

Title: Generation of liver organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells as liver fibrosis and steatosis models. 

5th of May 

Reena Kumari (Pekka Lappalainen’s group) 

Title: Functionally distinct tropomyosin-actin filaments control focal adhesion organization and dynamics 

2th June 

Leena Kontturi (Juha Saarikangas’s group) 

Title: The role of endoplasmic reticulum in dendritic spine individualization 

Bina  Prajapati (Maria Vartiainen’s group) 

Title: CCG-1423 derived inhibitors are general transcription inhibitors. 

Organiser: Dr Hongxia Zhao
See also WebOodi: ILS-113 and ILS-114

Mo­lecules Club

Molecules Clubs are up and running and organized in Zoom.

The Structural Biology and Biophysics (SBB) Molecules Club has been held monthly (since Autumn 2016), normally on Tuesdays 9.15-10 am, and feature the talks from Viikki campus research groups on molecular biosciences and structural biology and biophysics, as well as from invited guest speakers. The club is held in Biocenter 3 3rd floor, seminar room 3401 (unless otherwise specified). The meetings are open to all. Credits will be available for students on request (ILS-129 Molecules Club).

Updated programme in SBB MOLECULES CLUB wiki page

ILS-109 Stem cells and developmental biology journal club (former De­vel­op­mental biology journal club)

The journal clubs are organized on selected Thursdays at 9-10.

All speakers and participants: please follow the instructions below when preparing your presentation. (Instructions coming soon.)

Presentation schedule spring 2022:

27.01.         Pauli Tikka (Balic lab)

17.02.          workshop: recent science advances

24.02.          no seminar

03.03.           Sonja Nykänen (Vuoristo lab)

10.03.            Stem Cell seminar: different Zoom link! (sent in seminar notification e-mails)

17.03.          Kaisa Ikkala (Michon lab)

24.03.          Rishi das Roy  (Jernvall lab)

31.03.           no seminar

07.04.           workshop: science popularisation

14.04.          no seminar (Easter)

21.04.          Claudius Kratochwil

28.04.          TBA

05.05.         Stem Cell seminar: different Zoom link! (sent in seminar notification e-mails)


Course Moodle for materials and info:

ILS-109 Instructions for participants.

Credits: maximum 2 ECTS
Organizer: Dr. Kaia Achim (kaia.achim(at)

Gen­ome Club (ILS-130)

Genome Club is organized on selected Thursdays at 15:15 Biocenter 3, room 3402 

Genome Club schedule


Date Presenter Talk title Lab affiliation
Oct. 21st Alexander Lecomte Comparison of intestinal phage populations present in the gut microbiota of Parkinson’s disease patients and control population. Petri Auvinen
Nov. 25th Wei Chang “Detoxifying faba bean” Alan Schulman
Dec.16th Mariia Shcherbii TBA Mikko Frilander
Jan 20th Ehsan Pashay Ahi TBA Craig Primmer
Feb17th TBD    
Mar 24th TBD    
Apr 21st TBD    
May 19th Muktai Kuwalekar Claudius Kratochwil  
June 23rd TBD TBD  

Credits: 1-2 credits, max 2 credits. Presentation equals to 1 ECTS. Participation in at least 20 seminars equals to 1 ECTS.
Organizer: Susana Garcia,

Bulletin 22.2.2021

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