Sisu brand picture which depicts university students inside moving frames.

Sisu deployment postponed to May 

Sisu, the new student information system, will be deployed in spring 2021 at the University of Helsinki. The goal was to deploy Sisu in March, but the transfer of data from the old WebOodi system will take more time than expected. For this reason, the deployment will be postponed to the end of May. Sisu will replace WebOodi on 31 May 2021, prior to which both services will be unavailable from 17 to 30 May 2021.

“The deployment is being postponed to ensure that all necessary features function without a hitch and that the transition to Sisu is carried out in a controlled manner,” says Project Manager Eeva Tuori-Pastila.   

At the same time, a more complete version of Sisu will be made available to the University of Helsinki, including new features relevant to graduation and assessment. 

At this point, the delay in deployment has no effect on studies in the spring. Until the end of April, graduation is possible as before using the certificate request form.The deadline for drawing up a study plan is also postponed. All students must draw up a study plan in Sisu by 16 May 2021. Detailed announcements on any impact on the planning of teaching or assessment will be released at a later date.  

We apologise for any extra inconvenience caused by the delay.

Further information

Further information will be updated to Sisu instructions for students