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Bulletin 23.4.2021

SKY MEET 1/22 is one of an annual round of three workshop meetings, two of which we would like every SKY PhD student to take part in each year. It will take place as an online workshop via Zoom. 45 minutes are reserved for the discussion on each PhD student’s project, and there are breaks and virtual socializing between the sessions. Each workshop group will discuss 4 – 5 PhD projects.  SKY MEET 1/22 will also provide a space for discussing your hopes and ambitions for the SKY program more generally.   

After registering, you will need to submit a 1-2 pages long table of contents of your dissertation and a paper of about 10-12 pages, which contributes to your PhD research project. You can replace the paper with a research plan and a preliminary table of contents, if you are in the very beginning of your PhD project. It is also possible to submit a paper that you have already presented before in another seminar. Papers can be submitted in English, Finnish, or Swedish. You should upload your submission latest by 6 January 2022 on the Moodle-platform. More information will be sent to the registered students as soon as the registration is closed.  

SKY MEET offers you comments and feedback from the members of your workshop group, which comprises both SKY supervisors and PhD students. It is an opportunity to present your work to a new group of researchers and scholars, who will continue to take an interest in the future development of your project. Likewise, you are expected to read the papers of the other members of your workshop group carefully and to give them helpful and constructive comments, which will enable them to improve the quality of their PhD projects just as their advice will also help you with developing your own project.

The registration form also asks about the progress of your dissertation work, the methods you use in your research, and for other pieces of information relating to your work. Please make sure to fill in the e-form with care. This information will help us immensely with developing the SKY doctoral program to meet your needs and to support you in the work on your PhD thesis. Thank you!  

Do not miss this excellent opportunity to get valuable feedback and peer support!


SKY MEET 1/22 will take place online via Zoom on 13 January 2022.

The registration is now open for all doctoral students and closes on 16 December 2021.  

You can register for SKY MEET 1/22 here:

The deadline for the papers will be 6 January 2022 (see below).   


Bulletin 23.4.2021

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