Support for mental well-being as the pandemic drags on

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Bulletin 24.3.2021

As the COVID-19 -pandemic drags on, it has become even more important to take care of one's well-being. Help and support is available through multiple sources - links and information about these sources are compiled below. 

You can start by watching a YouTube video of the thoughts of the rector of the University of Helsinki, Sari Lindblom, concerning students' well-being during this exceptional situation. 

The University organises varying kinds of remote events to support the well-being of students:

Mental Well-being website includes the university’s support services compiled.
Support for Studies website contains tips from study psychologists for students to help cope with varying kinds of challenges.

Many other services also offer support for the well-being of students:

  • Nyyti ry offers a variety of services, one of them being a chat where one can chat anonymously with a group of people, and articles concerning life skills.
  • YTHS offers health care services, including general and mental health services.
  • Mieli Mental Health Finland offers a variety of information to support one’s mental health.

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Bulletin 24.3.2021

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