Take part in the University’s self-assessment

The University's quality system will be audited in autumn 2021. The self-assessment, which means reflecting on our activities as well as identifying strengths and areas in need of enhancement, is key to auditing the University. The assessment is based on the evaluation areas and self-assessment guidelines set in the audit model of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). On 26–28 October 2021, the audit of the quality system will culminate in a visit to the University by an international audit team appointed by FINEEC.

Comment on the draft self-assessment report on 19–28 April

The self-assessment audit report has been drafted in stages from autumn 2020. It will soon be time to present it to the entire University community for commenting. The draft version will be available for commenting in the quality Wiki from Monday, 19 April at 15.00. Contents will be uploaded until then on Laatuwiki

The content and structure of the report are based on the audit model of the FINEEC audit manual, which must be followed in the process. You are invited to give your views in particular on the strengths and enhancement areas, or development targets, of our operations. Other comments pertaining to operational development and quality assurance methods are also welcome.

Self-assessment report drawn up collaboratively

The self-assessment for the audit of the quality management system was initiated in four workshops in late October and early November 2020, with a couple of hundred members of the University community and representatives of external stakeholders participating.

On the basis of the workshops, the audit project group drew up the first draft self-assessment report, which was discussed in January and February 2021 in various University committees. Based on feedback provided by the committees and interviews conducted with stakeholders, the draft has been further processed. In late April, the University community as a whole will have the opportunity to comment on the report or parts thereof. Subsequently, the report will be reviewed by University leadership, after which the audit steering group will approve it and submit it to FINEEC by the end of June 2021.

Watch a video on Rector Sari Lindblom’s and Quality Manager Anne Lepistö’s thoughts on the topic of quality at the University of Helsinki.