Sisu-tiedotteiden kuvituskuva.

Is your study plan up to date in Sisu? See instructions and tips for creating a study plan 

(Update 11 March: Most common error notifications)

All students must have a study plan in Sisu by 16 May 2021 at the latest. You need a study plan to be able to register for courses and graduate after May.  

If you submit your degree diploma application by 29 April at the latest, you don’t need to create a study plan in Sisu. See specific instructions from the Graduation website

Add at least all of your studies from spring 2021 to your primary study plan (also the courses you have already completed) and possible studies of summer 2021. Select a method of completion for all the courses in your study plans as well. Courses completed this spring must be added too, so that the evaluations teachers later do come into view in Sisu correctly.  

During the service break of Sisu on 17-30 May you cannot observe or update your study plan. Please see more information about the service break from this bulletin.  

Adding missing course credits to a study plan 

Sisu recognizes some of your former credits automatically. Some credits you must add yourself, like for example the credits completed in the Open university or according to the old degree requirements. If a substitution for a course is entered on the course’s Substitutions tab in Sisu, you can add the credit to your study plan yourself. Then you won’t need to apply for separate approval.  

If a course you have completed is not indicated as a substituting course in Sisu, you need to apply for a credit transfer in the free edit mode of Sisu. The mode will be available from 31 May onwards. You will need the free edit mode also if you cannot transfer a credit into a section you wish in your study plan, or if you wish to make choices different from the structure of your degree. Student services and if necessary, the teacher responsible for a course will process the applications submitted in the free edit mode.  

If you are not graduating immediately after the deployment of Sisu, you can safely submit your application in the fall. Students about to graduate are prioritized in the processing of applications submitted in the free edit mode. 

Please see more specific instructions for adding missing course credits from Personal study plan (PSP) site. 

Most common error notifications 

If your study plan displays the error notification "You do not have a study right that corresponds to your study plan or you have not registered for the current semester.", it means that you will need to create a completely new study plan. When you create a new study plan, choose the programme which is automatically visible in the window My educations as the base of your study plan. Then choose the curriculum period according to your degree programme's instructions. When you are done, convert the new study plan into your primary study plan. This instruction concerns especially the students of these degree programmes’ study tracks (regardless of the starting year) and students who began their studies before 2017.

If your study plan is in a mode against the rules, you might have to update your study plan. The update must be done if your study plan is created for curriculum period 2017-2018, 2018-2019 or 2019-2020. Please see instructions for updating your study plan.

If you see both of these error notifications in your study plan, please create a new plan according to the instructions above.

Support and instructions 

  • Instructions and instructional videos concerning study plans are available on Sisu instructions: Study plan website. 
  • Already completed Sisu instructions are compiled to Sisu instructions for students website. Rest of the instructions will be published on the same page on 31 May at the latest, when Sisu will be in fully deployed. 
  • Kaisa House Student Information will organize remote Digital clinics regularly.  
  • Sisu-tutors offer support for the use of Sisu around the service break in May/June, as well as during the registration period in August/September.  
  • Help for planning your studies can be received from your PSP-instructor and student services.