Doctoral students as student representatives

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The University of Helsinki operates four doctoral schools, with a total of 32 doctoral programmes. Each doctoral programme has a steering group consisting of the director and up to eight members, of whom two are doctoral students in the programme and up to six are members of teaching and research staff. In addition, the steering group of each doctoral school has a doctoral student representative. 

The term of office of the steering group is four years, except for the doctoral student representatives, whose term is two years. The University of Helsinki PhD Students association (HYVÄT) holds a biennial election, based on which the association suggests the doctoral student representatives for steering groups. The final decision on the appointment of student representatives for the steering groups of doctoral programmes is made by the dean of the faculty coordinating each programme.

Serving as a doctoral student representative is a great opportunity to influence decisions on doctoral education and play a role in development work in your doctoral programme and more widely at the University.

For information on the current student representatives of your doctoral programme, see the website of your programme.

Brain & Mind student representatives and Student Council

Doctoral Programme Brain and Mind

Student representatives in the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee Members of the Doctoral Programme Brain & Mind, including two student representatives are listed at the B&M website (contacts & supervision).

B&M Student Council

The B&M Student Council (SC) has representatives from different Universities/Campuses. Student Council organizes the annual Student Symposium and mediates feedback from students to the Steering Committee.

B&M Student Council 2021

  • Lauri Elsilä, Helsinki
  • David Micinski, Helsinki
  • Annika Schäfer, Helsinki
  • Vasiliki Gkini, Helsinki

B&M Student Council 2020

  • Angelina Lesnikova, Helsinki, chair
  • Cecilia Cannarozzo, Helsinki
  • Adrien Gigliotta, Helsinki
  • Marko Havu, Aalto
  • Rafael Moliner, Helsinki
  • Anais Virenque, Helsinki

B&M Student Council 2019

  • Kuu Ikäheimo, Helsinki, chair
  • Mikaela Laine, Helsinki
  • Timo Nurmi, Aalto
  • Marta Saez Garcia, Helsinki
  • Sarah Steffens, Helsinki

B&M Student Council 2018

  • Pushpa Khanal, Helsinki, chair
  • Giuliano Didio, Helsinki
  • Dovile Kurmanaviciute, Aalto
  • Arun Mahato, Helsinki
  • Ceren Pajanoja, Helsinki 
  • Tuomas Puoliväli, Helsinki
  • Ivan Zubarev, Aalto

B&M Student Council 2017

  • Sanna Koskela, chair
  • Merve Senem Fred
  • Hamed Haque
  • Sebnem Kesaf
  • Samuel Kohtala
  • Elina Nagaeva
  • Santeri Rouhinen

B&M Symposia