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Next application round will take place in May 2022.

The aim of the grant is to promote the finalizing of the master’s thesis by providing for an intensive thesis writing period at one of the field stations of the University. The grant is meant for those students that are close to the end of their thesis work. The field stations are located in Hyytiälä, Kilpisjärvi, Lammi, Tvärminne and Värriö.

You can apply for the grant if you are a basic-degree student at the University of Helsinki and you have not been awarded the grant before. The grant is applied for one week and it includes full room and board at the field stations.

Apply via the electronic application system . The application round takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn.

  • The autumn grant application round of 2021 is cancelled.
  • Students who have already received the grant in the November 2019 application round are be able to postpone their visit to autumn 2020 depending on the availabilities of the research stations. The duration of the grant is therefore extended until the end of 2020.

Due to the coronavirus situation, grant recipients should inquire about the possibility of grant visits by directly contacting the station they have received the grant for. The research stations make decisions about receiving grant recipient according to their own consideration. 

If you receive a grant you have to contact the field station yourself to book the stay and decide the exact dates for using the grant. Please notice that at certain times during the year the field stations can be very busy (May–September) and there might not be space for any grantees at the stations. The grant must be used during the period of time it has been awarded for. Grant recipients are also responsible for handling their transportation to and from the station. The grant does not cover travel costs.

You can find more information about the field stations on their websites:

In addition to Get your master´s thesis written! grant study programmes may also have own grants aimed for their own students. You can find information about these grants from this article when you are logged in. 

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Thesis grants

Master's Programme in Data Science

To enable full-time work towards the Master's thesis, the Master’s Programme in Data Science can provide grants to students based on demonstrated excellent study performance and quality of the research plan towards the thesis. The grants are provided only for full-time work towards the Master’s thesis. It is not possible to be employed simultaneously, but it is possible to do some studying concurrently.

To apply, you should have:

  • at least 4.0 weighted average grade in your advanced studies towards the Master's degree conducted in the recommended time
  • a thesis topic approved and a committed supervisor
  • a plan on how to finish the thesis and the degree in a maximum of 4 months

You can apply for the grant also for a shorter time period, for example for taking leave from work to finish the thesis.

The maximum grant is 2000 euros (500 euros per month) and granted for 4 months of full-time work towards the thesis. The grant provided for studies is considered gratuitous and tax-free income. The receiver of a grant cannot be expected to be of any use to the university. The work and results of a thesis cannot be used or reported as a result in any project. A grant does not form employment to the university, and it is not possible to get a grant and salary from the university simultaneously.

How to apply:

Please provide the following information in your application (max. 1 page):

  • your name
  • student number
  • average grade
  • number of advanced studies credits
  • starting date of your Master's studies
  • explanation of possible gaps in studies
  • commitment to focus full-time on thesis work (e.g. plan to take leave from work)
  • thesis topic
  • names of supervisors
  • planned grant period
  • list of planned courses and seminars to take in order to graduate soon after completing the thesis
  • a free-form research plan including some intermediate milestones for the thesis project

Email your application to with the subject line "Thesis grant".