Available Jobs and Traineeships

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Available jobs and traineeships can be found through several platforms.

Available jobs and traineeships can now be found in the JobTeaser job portal


Advertising job and traineeship offers at the University of Helsinki has been renewed. JobTeaser job portal replaced Rekrynet job board. JobTeaser is a versatile service in which you define what kind of job advertisements you want to see in your own dashboard or receive via e-mail. 
In the JobTeaser job portal, you will find 

  • a Europe-wide job market
  • a more comprehensive selection of events.  
    In addition to Career Services’ own events, you can also participate in virtual events organised by companies.
  • employer profiles.
    For now, you can see mostly profiles of international employers, but as the service is used more, you can also find profiles of Finnish companies in the service. 
  • guidance and messaging to support job seeking and career planning.
    Materials to support students are produced by JobTeaser and Career Services. 

First login:
1. Important! In order to browse jobs after logging in, under Courses, select an option "STUDENT or ALUMNI" in addition to your field of study. Only this way job offers by Finnish employers will be directed to your dashboard. 
2. Log in with your helsinki.fi user id at helsinki.jobteaser.com.
3. On the next page, you can choose what kind of jobs you are interested in. These choices affect which job offers you see automatically. You can also edit these selections later, and if you want, you can browse all open places.
4. After logging in, you can edit your profile and search criteria.
Instructions on how to use JobTeaser.

Separate access to alumni is set up as part of the Helsinki Alumni Hub.

If you have any questions, please contact Career Services, email: careerservices@helsinki.fi.

JobTeaser is a commercial partner of the University of Helsinki. Read the service’s the terms of use and privacy policy.

You can also read the University of Helsinki terms of publishing.

Other job-seeking services

Job seeking and labour exchange has become fragmented, while many new applications have become available. It is advisable to choose services that best suit your personal profile.

Portals to jobs and traineeships in Finland and abroad, tips for job seeking and related articles:

For English speaking professionals:

Public sector:

Academic careers and positions:

Jobs and traineeships abroad

These portals offer jobs abroad, as well as support for job seeking. Jobs available abroad can also be found through the services mentioned above.

  • EURES - The European Job Mobility Portal

A few international job search portals:

Traineeship positions:

  • ErasmusIntern.org
  • The ErasmusIntern.org platform helps search for traineeships available in Europe, with an opportunity to create a personal profile on the platform.
  • Training Experience
    Training Experience offers students the opportunity to gain international work experience with the objective of enhancing the potential of young professionals.

International organisations:

  • EU Careers
    Jobs and traineeships in various EU bodies

Jobs and traineeships on social media

There are lots of job opportunities also on social media. These can be screened, for example, by using the hashtags #rekry, #duuni, #työpaikat, #jobs and #career in various services.

  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn can help you get noticed by employers, but you can also look for jobs with its “job search” function. Open positions should be monitored, especially when looking for jobs in sales, marketing, communications, HR, technology and IT. LinkedIn also makes job suggestions based on your profile.It is a good idea to follow the organizations you are interested in.
  • Facebook
    For a long time, Facebook users have been sharing links to job announcements, yet it has not been considered an actual recruitment tool. A few groups worth exploring:

  • Twitter
    Through Twitter, you can look for jobs, as well as follow employers, recruitment services, and people and news in your field.