Bachelor’s theses and maturity tests

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An academic degree always includes a written thesis. As a student at the University, you are a full member of the academic community and an expert in your own field. In your master’s thesis, you will examine a research question or questions of interest to you and generate new scientific knowledge in your field for the benefit of the academic community. Typically, the thesis is written independently, but, depending on the situation, the related research may be conducted as part of a project or research group or in collaboration with a company or an organisation.

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Bachelor’s theses

A bachelor’s degree, a first-cycle university degree, includes a 6 cr written thesis.

In the thesis, you will demonstrate your ability for scholarly thinking, discussing issues in your discipline and scientific communication. You can complete the thesis independently or by participating in groupwork or a more extensive research project. The thesis must include a clearly defined independent contribution from you, which will be assessed. Write your thesis independently. 

The thesis is assessed on a scale of 0–5.

The thesis includes an abstract written in the language of the thesis. In addition, students who have completed their secondary education in Finnish or Swedish must write an abstract in the language of their secondary education if the abstract also serves as a 
maturity test with which the student demonstrates their proficiency in Finnish or Swedish.The instructions concerning the summary vary according to the degree programme. Please check the instructions from your degree programme. You can use the University's abstract document (a word document). Fill in the needed information on each line and write your abstract at the end. The length of the abstract is usually 1 page. The degree programmes and/or faculties can give more detailed instructions in the matter, please see also the degree programme-specific instructions. Attached is also a model document as a pdf. If needed, you can write the abstract also in other word processing programmes with the help of the model document.

The maturity test associated with the thesis

The maturity test is a separate degree requirement that does not yield credits. The maturity test, which is an essay, serves to demonstrate your command of the field of your thesis and your language proficiency in Finnish or Swedish. The maturity test can be, for example, a section of the thesis or its abstract or another written assignment.

You can write the maturity test after you have completed the native language studies included in the compulsory studies of your degree.

Write the maturity test in the language of your secondary education, Finnish or Swedish. Your language of secondary education and the language in which you wrote your maturity test will be registered in your degree diploma. This will demonstrate your excellent command of your native language.

If you have received your secondary education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, you may write the maturity test in Finnish, Swedish, English or in the language of your thesis. In this case you will not be demonstrating excellent language proficiency as a part of the degree, instead, if necessary, you will have to obtain a certificate of your excellent command of Finnish or Swedish in another way. More information can be found from Agency for Education.

Please contact your faculty’s Student Services if you are uncertain about what the language of your secondary education is.

The thesis supervisor assesses the maturity test, unless otherwise specified below.

The maturity test is assessed on a scale of pass/fail and will be entered in the student records only after the thesis has been approved.