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Certificates of studies for the Employment Fund and unemployment services

If you require a certificate of your studies for the adult education allowance from the Employment Fund or for unemployment services, send an email to: avoin-student@helsinki.fi.  

    Certificate of completed studies

    The completed studies entered into the My Studyinfo service which is maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education are official certificates of your studies. You can use them to evidence your studies, for example, to institutions of education or employers.  

    The My Studyinfo service contains all of your rights to study and completed studies at institutions of higher education from 1995 onwards.  

    • Log in to the My Studyinfo service with online banking codes, Mobile ID or an ID card with a chip. 
    • After you have logged in to My Studyinfo, you will receive a link for saving the information on your completed studies or sharing it with other people or organisations, for example when applying to work or study elsewhere. The recipient of the link need not log in to My Studyinfo to view its contents. 
    • Please note that My Studyinfo service displays the status of Open University students’ study rights as incomplete. Nevertheless, the course completion is final.