Events for exchange students

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By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

Here you can find events for incoming exchange students. Besides these events, pay attention to the events arranged by the student organisations of the university. Besides HYY, there are many other student associations in each Faculty and study programme. Some of those events are listed below under other student events. Your tutors are the best sources for information to ask about different student organisations on specific topics and departments.

Orientation Week

Each autumn and spring, before the classes begin, there is an orientation week which is a week full of activities for all new international students. It is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to get to know the campuses and the university and to get all the official matters out of the way.

Please note that if you miss the orientation week, the start of your studies will be more time-consuming and challenging as you have to take care of everything independently.

Degree students might receive some credits for the orientation. Please ask more information from your degree programme.

Autumn 2021

  • Orientation Week: 31 August - 3 September, 2021
  • Wel­come Fair: We will keep you updated on the format of the orientation week when final decisions have been made. Due to Covid-19, all administrative matters will most likely be taken care of online, to ensure everyone's safety and equal participation. In that case, all necessary information will be sent to you in the form of newsletters, so please pay attention to the guidelines and instructions in them. Every faculty organizes its own orientation, please follow your own faculty's orientation programme by first selecting your degree programme in the Orientation and Tutoring web page.

Get to Know Your Campus

The University of Helsinki comprises four campuses. Get to know yours in advance!

  • City Centre Campus (Faculties of Arts, Educational Sciences, Law, Theology and Social Sciences, Swedish School of Social Science)
  • Kumpula Campus (Faculty of Science)
  • Viikki Campus (Faculties of Biological And Environmental Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine)
  • Meilahti Campus (Faculty of Medicine)


All Bachelor’s or Master’s students who have registered as attending are entitled to an affordable student-priced lunch at the UniCafe cafeterias on all campuses. For lunch prices and the contact details of the cafeterias, please visit the UniCafe website. Exchange Students will get a certificate of student status during the Orientation Week delivered to your home addresses in Finland by post. The certificate can be used like a student card. During the Orientation Week, students without a certificate can get a staff member discount from UniCafe.

Welcome to Wintery Finland!

Welcome to Wintery Finland! This laid-back event is part of the Ask Me! campaign during the Orientation Week and is perfect for new international students who have just arrived to Finland. What to wear when it's -10 °C? What are good outdoor activities in Helsinki? What is winter SAD? Join us and find out, you will also have the chance to meet fellow students and ask various questions from our staff! The event will be held on January 14, 3 - 4.30 PM (Helsinki UTC +2) on Zoom.

Please find here the pdf of the presentation.

Pre-arrival Information Session (Online)

The Pre-arrival information event will be held on August 20th, 2021, 2-4 PM via Zoom, details in the newsletter you will receive closer to the event.

Together with our student tutors, we will give information on e.g. the following topics: 

  • IT user accounts and other important paperwork​
  • Effects of COVID-19 pandemic​
  • Housing​


Event for exchange students returning home

You are welcome to join us for an event where we will discuss the formalities of finishing your exchange. 

We would also like to hear your comments and feedback about your stay in Helsinki with us.

Topic: Returning home - info session and online farewell
Time: Thursday, 20th May, 3 PM - 4 PM

Presentation from 20th May


Guidance corner events

Guidance Corner provides low threshold advice and guidance services on, for example, wellbeing, digital skills and job seeking. Some of the Guidance Corner activities are regular weekly guidance and counselling sessions. A new this for international students during this exceptional time of online life is Student life 2.0, which is a series of events organised for international and exchange students. Read more on the guidance corner page!

Other student events

Throughout the year, the University of Helsinki and its Student Union organise a wide variety of events and parties open to all students. Other student organisations and external parties, such as museums, also organise events for students. Exchange students are more than welcome to join these events, which we have listed in the Instructions for students under student events

Nyyti chats on the following topics:

  • Tue 19.1. at 3-5 pm: Climate anxiety
  • Tue 23.2. at 3-5 pm: Time management in studies
  • Thu 11.3. at 6-8 pm: Is self-criticism helping or hurting my studies?
  • Tue 27.4. at 3-5 pm: You have a right to help - but how to get it?
  • Tue 11.5. at 3-5 pm: Feeling lonely in your studies? 
  • Tue 22.6. at 3-5 pm: After graduation, is there a future?