Expiry of Studies

By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

Disciplines are evolving and curricula are being developed to match the latest, research-based knowledge. The university has set timelines within which your completed studies are valid for degrees or study modules.

How long are the studies that I have completed valid for a degree?

Credits for studies that you completed no more than ten years ago can be incorporated into a degree. The time limit is calculated by term, so a course completed in January 2018 would be valid for a degree until the end of the spring term 2028.

This applies to both study modules and individual courses or examinations. The date of completion of a study module is considered to be the date of completion of the last course or examination for the module. Study modules are e.g. basic, intermediate and advanced studies. The other studies included in the degree do not form a study unit. You can find the study modules in the curricula of the degree programmes.

How long are the studies that I have completed valid for a study module?

As a rule, you can incorporate credits for studies completed no more than ten years ago into your study modules. However, degree programmes can decide on shorter expiration periods. Information on such shorter expiration periods will be included in the course description.

What happens if my studies expire?

You will not be able to incorporate an expired credit for a degree or a study module. However, the expiration of your studies has no impact on your right to study at the University, and expired credits will not be removed from your list of completed studies.

What can I do if my studies expire?

Expired studies must be completed again to be valid for study modules or degrees.

In medical fields (degree programmes in medicine and dentistry), study modules and other studies completed according to the curriculum before obtaining the title of Bachelor of Medicine will not expire after the degree has been granted.

Will an incomplete course expire?

When you begin a course, you must complete it within one year. It can be determined in the degree programme curriculum that students can complete missing components within a longer period if the next opportunity to complete the component is not offered sooner.

If the course consists of small group meetings and independent written assignments, you must complete all components of the course within one year of completing the first written assignment or completing the small group meetings.

If you do not complete all components of the course within the year, you will have to retake it.

If the course takes longer than a year (for example, the component studies have been scheduled over a period of time that spans more than a year), you will have to complete the course according to the instructions provided. You will find the information for the course on Sisu.