Flexible study right (JOO)

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All Finnish universities are part of the Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO), which provides graduate and post-graduate students the opportunity to include courses from other Finnish universities in their degrees.

Flexible studies (JOO) are free of charge for students. Students need to be enrolled and registered as attending at their home universities in order to be able to be eligible to apply for flexible study rights and to complete studies at another university.

More information about flexible study opportunities offered by the universities, application instructions and the link to the application form is available in JOOPAS wiki

If you need more information about flexible study rights (JOO) and how to apply please contact the International Exchange Services.

Application dates (UH as a home university)

For bachelor and master level students there are two fixed application periods per year:

  • 1.3. - 15.4. (at 15.45) for studies starting in next autumn term
  • 1.9. - 15.10. (at 15.45) for studies starting in next spring term

If the date of the application deadline does not fall on a weekday, the application period ends on the next weekday.

NB: If the host university`s application period ends before 30.4. or 31.10., the student must apply (in Joopas Online system or apply by paper application) and notify the International Exchange Services about the different application period by email to: joo@helsinki.fi at least a month before the application period for the host university ends.

For doctoral students the application period is year-round. Processing time of the applications is four weeks.