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Peer tutors are there for you! They will help you to get your studies started and answer any questions you may have. Peer tutors are also a way for you to make new friends and familiarise yourself with leisure activities at the University. We asked a couple of peer tutors from 2021 about their thoughts on starting one's studies and tutoring: 

  • What is your best memory about your first year of study at the University of Helsinki? 
  • Was there something you found challenging during the first year, and what should new students prepare for?
  • What do you expect from autumn 2021 and tutoring?
  • What is your favourite place on campus?
  • Share your greetings to the new students.

Mikael, Bachelor's Programme in Social Sciences (Soc & kom)


My fondest memory: is definitely the first few weeks of my studies. Before I started, I was not sure if the new study place was really the right place for me, but quickly my worries turned out to be completely unjustified. Already during the first days, I was welcomed with open arms by other like-minded people.

What I found challenging the first autumn: The more general courses at the beginning of the studies can sometimes feel difficult. Do not worry if you feel like this, because very quickly you will within your subject get to choose what you want to study and immerse yourself in.

My expectations for this autumn: Before the autumn of 2021 and the tutoring, I expect to meet many new, interesting people. While I help them find their way in university life, I may also learn something new from them.

My favourite place on campus: My favorite place on campus must probably be the University of Helsinki's main library, Kaisa. There you can study in peace and quiet and generally feel inspired. In addition, you always see at least someone familiar, while moving between the library and various Porthania services, such as UniCafe.

My greetings to new students: Have an open attitude to new people, studies, opinions and experiences. Be curious, you will learn best.

Ilmari, Bachelor’s Programme in Psychology


My fondest memory: The best thing was meeting all the lovely fellow first-year students and feeling an incredible sense of community! And of course the parties in orientation week.

What I found challenging the first autumn: It takes some time to get used to reading long books and articles, so be prepared. In the first autumn, I also felt really lost with all of the University’s practices and procedures (such as registering for courses), but luckily tutors can help.

My expectations for this autumn: I’m really looking forward to meeting all the excited little freshers! I can’t wait for my chance to shine with my bad jokes at the autumn events.

My favourite place on campus: Definitely the Mocsu sofas! <3 And UniCafe is hard to beat as well.

My greetings to you, new student: Huge congratulations for securing a place, you are now part of an elite gang! <3 I can’t wait to meet you!

Otso, Bachelor’s Programme in Education (class teacher education)


My fondest memory: My fondest memories include the pre-studies picnic, getting to know my fellow group members in orientation week, and then the Winter Days event!

What I found challenging the first autumn: I think I felt unnecessary stress about studying at university. You learn while studying, and when you’re pursuing studies in class teacher education, you’re initially so closely connected to your group that the other group members and tutors can help you. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. There is always an answer!

My expectations for this autumn: I’m most looking forward to getting to know the new students and participating in events! I’m also looking forward to supervising my group, sharing my experiences of studying, and helping everyone get off to a good start in their studies.

My favourite place on campus: I like hanging around at UniCafe Olivia, and it’s nice to ‘hide’ behind the curtains by the big round tables at Learning Centre Minerva to work on your own or with a group.

My greetings to you, new student: Make the most of the new situation – you (usually) only experience the fresher year once! Keep an open mind when getting to know the other first-year students, and always ask if you are unsure about anything. See you in the autumn! :)

Tia, Bachelor’s Programme in Science


My fondest memory: Finally being able to study the things I truly find interesting, while being surrounded by amazing like-minded and motivating students!

What I found challenging the first autumn: Of course, because of the exceptional circumstances right now this year has required a lot of independent studying, which can be pretty hard. I recommend getting used to a schedule and a working rhythm to help new students stay motivated!

My expectations for this autumn: I hope this autumn will be more active, and that people will be able to get to know each other more. From tutoring I expect to make new connections and help new students with concerns I know well from when I started my studies not too long ago ?

My favourite place on campus: The campus library. It’s quiet, cozy and it is a good space to study because all the resources are nearby and it is easier to concentrate.

My greetings to new students: First of all, welcome! You have made a good choice coming here, and I believe I’m speaking on behalf of all students and staff in saying that all of you new students are more than welcome here. I can't wait to meet and chat with some of you this summer and autumn!

Elias, Bachelor’s Programme in Geography


My fondest memory: I have a lot of great memories from the first year, but special mention goes to all the new friends and acquaintances I made and met. Of course, all the fun events and excursions as well as the new things I learnt also stick in my mind.

What I found challenging the first autumn: I was anxious about finding myself in a new environment and returning to my studies, but I soon discovered that there was no need to be nervous. We tutors can help you with various questions and with getting to know your new fellow students, both in the context of studies and at many types of events. Don’t stress about the beginning of your studies. We are here to help!

My expectations for this autumn: I’m really looking forward to meeting the new students and having the opportunity to help you get started on your studies, learn more about student life and the student community, and get acquainted with more senior geography students.

My favourite place on campus: My favourite place on campus are the sofas in the common area for geography students in Physicum because if you go there, you always meet people who have time for a chat, a quiz or lunch at UniCafe.

My greetings to you, new student: Congratulations on becoming a student! We tutors are eagerly waiting for your studies to begin, and we will see to it that all of us have a great time this autumn. Remember that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so don’t hesitate to contact us.