Get to know some of our tutors

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This page will be updated during Spring 2022. Peer tutors are there for you! They will help you to get your studies started and answer any questions you may have. Peer tutors are also a way for you to make new friends and familiarise yourself with leisure activities at the University. Read more about orientation and tutoring here.

We asked a couple of peer tutors from 2022 about their thoughts on starting one's studies and tutoring: 

  • What is your best memory about your first year of study at the University of Helsinki? 
  • Was there something you found challenging during the first year, and what should new students prepare for?
  • What do you expect from autumn 2022 and tutoring?
  • What is your favourite place on campus?
  • Share your greetings to the new students.

 Fanni Salo, Bachelor’s Programme in Education

Fanni Salo

My fondest memory: The winter event for all Finnish teacher education students, organised by the Teacher Student Union of Finland. You are offered accommodation in a school and spend the days doing fun activities, such as dancing, playing ‘elephant football’, bar crawling, going to gigs, you name it!  

What I found challenging the first autumn: You are bombarded with new information, especially at the beginning of studies. The most important thing to remember is that you can always ask for and get help, for example, from us tutors. Scheduling your own studies is also a special skill that you should begin to practise fairly quickly.

My expectations for this autumn: I’m looking forward to great meetings and sunny early autumn days. We tutors have worked hard to ensure that everyone will have a fun and safe opportunity to begin a new and exciting chapter in their lives. We’re looking forward to meeting each and every new student. It’s wonderful to be able to support their integration into the student community!

My favourite place on campus: Mok, particularly the round tables that you can draw curtains around for privacy. We have worked there in groups on our assignments, but we also talked about the student events of the night before. And I have to mention drama classroom 706, where we had a hilarious basic course in drama education. Our cheeks hurt from laughing every time we left that room!

My greetings to new students: I was so nervous about beginning my studies, so I understand if you are too. Whatever you’re feeling, don’t worry. Take the leap – it will be worth it! I hope to see you soon!

Matilda Thylin, Bachelor’s Programme in Education

Matilda Thylin

My fondest memory: The workshops in our drama course. It was the first course held on campus, and we had the opportunity to get to know each other through fun games and activities.

What I found challenging the first autumn: There are so many interesting events all the time that you have to learn to say no. You won’t have the time and energy to participate in everything.

My expectations for this autumn: I’m excited to meet lots of new people.

My favourite place on campus: The Olivia UniCafe at Siltavuorenpenger. The view is great if you sit by the window.

My greetings to new students: Congratulations on your admission to the University of Helsinki! Don’t be stressed or worried. Everything will be fine, just have an open mind! : )

Amanda Kurka, Degree Programme in Medicine (international tutor)

Amanda Kurka

My fondest memory: Participating in the first event organised at Euforia.

What I found challenging the first autumn: Studying medicine is more independent than it used to be, so you should familiarise yourself with studying techniques in advance.

My expectations for this autumn: I’m looking forward to meeting new exchange students and participating in events.

My favourite place on campus: My favourite place is probably Mocsu, where you can just hang out.

My greetings to new students: Have an open mind and participate in all kinds of events!

Annika Allén, Bachelor’s Programme in Psychology

Annika Allén

My fondest memory: Difficult to say because there were so many fun things! Maybe the cruise to Tallin with other Finnish psychology students: you got to hang out wearing your student overalls, meet new people and sing and dance with others. :)

What I found challenging the first autumn: I didn’t think anything was particularly challenging during the first year. Certain statistical software was a bit frustrating to use, but I’m hoping to learn more next year.

My expectations for this autumn: I’m particularly looking forward to meeting enthusiastic new students and, of course, experiencing orientation week because it was such a great time for me last year as a first-year student. I’m also excited about the upcoming course in developmental psychopathology.

My favourite place on campus: Meilahti Campus Library Terkko. It’s a great place to study and meet people you know, and you find all sorts of interesting books on the shelves.

My greetings to new students: It’s brilliant that you have applied and been admitted to the University of Helsinki! Enjoy your studies and make the most of the first year, in particular. :)


Jere Ojala, Bachelor’s Programme in Psychology

Jere Ojala

My fondest memory: The inauguration party for our new student overalls and the Finnish psychology students’ cruise to Tallinn!

What I found challenging the first autumn: I found self-compassion a challenge and was too hard on myself regarding revision and connecting with other students. You don’t need to read every book from cover to cover and learn everything. You have to give yourself some time. The hardest part is over when you have been admitted here!

My expectations for this autumn: I’m looking forward to events and to reliving the first year of studies in the role of a tutor.

My favourite place on campus: Moksu (a place where you can hang out in the basement of Meilahti Campus Library) because the coffee is free and the cups are cool (Haimuki is the best).

My greetings to new students: Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves with regard to connecting with other students. Kompleksi is a great student association, and everyone is welcome! See you soon!

 Elina Einolander, Bachelor’s Programme in Agricultural Sciences

Elina Einolander

My fondest memory: It’s difficult to choose a specific memory, but the numerous social events and new friends were definitely among my highlights. 

What I found challenging the first autumn: Maintaining a good balance between studying and free time was challenging. You have so few days off and so little free time because the studies take a huge amount of your time. You should be prepared for a heavy workload and draw up a study schedule, while giving yourself enough free time and time to recover. Not all teaching periods are equally heavy, and you can influence the workload to some extent.

My expectations for this autumn: I’m looking forward to meeting new first-year students and getting to know them. It will also give me the opportunity to enhance my group supervision and presentation skills. Of course, I’m also looking forward to interesting new courses and student activities.

My favourite place on campus: Probably the library, I occasionally spend time studying there.

My greetings to new students: Congratulations on being admitted and welcome to Viikki!

 Erika Nordman, Bachelor’s Programme in Molecular Biosciences

Erika Nordman

My fondest memory: My fondest memory from my first year was the moment I first put on my student overalls and could participate in events together with my fellow students. It really brought it home to me that I was beginning my life as a student!

What I found challenging the first autumn: The most challenging thing during the first year was understanding how independent university studies are compared to general upper secondary school. Each student studies at their own pace and in their own style. Finding the routine that works for you and scheduling your studies take practice. Be prepared for so many events that you can’t participate in all of them, even if you wanted to. Finding the right balance between studying and having fun is sure to guarantee a successful first year.

My expectations for this autumn: I’m looking forward to getting to know the new first-year students and having a fun orientation week. :) I’m hoping for lots of student dinner parties, which I love, and interesting courses.

My favourite place on campus: It’s the ‘Nile Garden’ in the Viikki Library, where you can study under palm leaves and a fragrant mandarin tree on a sunny spring day.

My greetings to new students: Welcome! I can't wait to see you this autumn. <3

Chandima Ekanayke, Master’s Programme in Agricultural Sciences

Chandima Ekanayke

My fondest memory: Well, There are many!!! I would say the 'Beautiful scenery at Viikki campus all covered with snow... all white and it was heavenly looking!!' 

What I found challenging the first autumn: I think you need to get ready for 'Finnish Climate'. I am from a tropical country, and it was so challenging for me to adjust for the seasonal changes.

My expectations for this autumn: I would like to support the new students with the experiences I had, as a new student. I hope together we will have a wonderful time!!! I wish everyone to be happy and enjoy their studies :)  

My favourite place on campus: My favourite place is the Viikki Library where I first visited as a University student of Helsinki.

My greetings to you, new student: Autumn is waiting for you!!! It's going to be a remarkable chapter in your life. Heartiest welcome all of you!