Information sessions for university of Helsinki students going abroad

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Attend our information sessions to learn about the available options for student exchange. You can obtain further details at the application clinics, information sessions for students who have been selected for the exchange, and departure orientations.

For sessions only available in Finnish or Swedish, please check the language versions of this page.

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How to choose an exchange destination events

Spring 2023

EU/EEA destinations (and places for destinations outside the EU/EEA not filled in the autumn 2022 application round)

Wed 18.1.2023 at 4.15 PM. Slides in English. The presentation slides will be in English and the discussion will be held in Finnish. You're welcome to ask questions in English as well.

Thursday 19.1.2023 at 4.15 pm. The presentation slides will be in English and the discussion will be held in Swedish..Zoom-link.


Previous events

Destinations outside of EU/EEA area 

Tue 4.10.2022 at 16.15–18.00 online, Slides

Application Clinics

Join us for our Mobility Online application clinic, where you'll receive support from our International Exchange Services specialists and have the opportunity to ask questions related to the technical aspects of the application process. Please note that you should already know which exchange destination you want to apply for when you attend the clinic. The purpose of this clinic is to assist you in making an application in Mobility Online. If you're still uncertain about which exchange destination to select, please refer to our Exchange opportunities around the world resource. Alternatively, you can attend one of our Exchange Info sessions (as mentioned above) or visit us during our office hours.

Spring 2023

Application round for the EU/EEA area

Thu 2.2.2023 10.15–12.00 Viikki Infokeskus, atk K1046

Tue 7.2.2023 14.15–16.00 Aleksandria (City centre campus, Fabianinkatu 28), room atk K130 and K131

Thu 9.2.2023 10.15-12.00 Kumpula Physicum, atk D210

Information sessions for students selected for exchange

Have you been selected for an exchange program and wondering what to do next?

Europe, Nordic countries and Switzerland

If you're headed to Europe, Nordic countries or Switzerland, join us for an upcoming event where we'll discuss the application process for your host university, practical preparations, and rules related to Erasmus+ and Nordplus.

Spring 2023

Information sessions for students accepted for exchange:

Please note that the event is multilingual and will last approximately two hours.

This information session for students selected for exchange to Europe, Nordic countries and Switzerland for Spring 2023 will be held on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 at 4:15 PM online. A Zoom link will be provided closer to the event.

Previous events

The previous information session for students selected for exchange to Europe, Nordic countries and Switzerland for Autumn 2022 was held on September 22nd, 2022 at 4:15 PM, and a Presentation pdf is available.

Departure orientations

As you're getting prepared for your exchange program, we highly recommend attending our departure orientation. Not only will you receive valuable tips and advice, but you'll also have the opportunity to meet other University of Helsinki students who are heading to the same host country or university as you.

The first hour of the orientation will provide general information to help you prepare for your exchange. Following that, your tutor will meet with you and other students who will be heading to the same country to tell about his/her own experiences about the exchange. This is an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

Please note that these events will be conducted in Finnish, but the presentation slides will be in English, and you're welcome to ask questions in English.

Please also keep in mind that these events are only open to students who will be going on an exchange program in the following semester.

Spring 2023 (for students that are selected for exchange in autumn 2023)

Outside the EU/EEA:

Tue 9.5.2023 16.15–18.00 Unioninkatu 35, Aud 116 (NB. new place)

Europe (EU/EEA):

Tue 16.5.2023 16.15–18.00 Porthania, PI


Previous events

Outside the EU/EEA:

Tue 11.10.2022 16.15–18.00 Unioninkatu 35, Aud 116. Presentation (PDF)

Europe (EU/EEA):

Tue 8.11.2022 16.15–18.00 Porthania, PI. Presentation.pdf

"What I Learned During My Exchange" events

The 'What I Learned During My Exchange' events are no longer being organized due to low attendance. Instead, we recommend that you use the SkillMill application below. It's designed to assist students in utilizing the experience gained while studying abroad and applying it to their professional lives. The app can also help you highlight these experiences on your job applications and CVs, ensuring that your valuable knowledge is not overlooked.

SkillMill - Identify your hidden skills


Traineeship info sessions: traineeship abroad

Career services and International Exchange Services hold info sessions on traineeships in Finland and abroad (also in English).

Read more from Career Service's Traineeship info sessions website.