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Course literature, information seeking as well as the use of the library and various online materials are core aspects of your studies. The learning materials required for your studies are available on the relevant course page.  

Helsinki University Library

The Helsinki University Library (the Main Library and the four campus libraries) is also at the disposal of Open University students. 

Helsinki University Library provides:

 Please note that some of the course literature is in high demand, so make sure you find your books well before your examination or assignment due date.  

City and municipal libraries as well as the libraries of other institutions of higher education can also be helpful in your studies. Resources from all libraries in Finland can be browsed at

Helka library card

The Helka card is the library card for the Helsinki University Library. You need a Helka card to loan printed material from the Library.

In addition to the Helsinki University Library, the Helka card can be used at certain other special libraries outside the University. For the National Library of Finland, you need a separate National Library card

Read more about the Helka card and how to get one:  

E-books and other digital resources

The learning material for your courses may also include electronic books and resources.

All journals and articles acquired by the Helsinki University Library can be accessed through the Library’s Helka search portal. To access the search portal, you must first log in with a University of Helsinki user account. You can use a VPN connection to access digital resources from outside the University’s network after logging in to Helka.

The University of Helsinki’s printed and electronic textbooks are also available through Helka. In addition, digital resources can be accessed via ResearchGuides.

Read more: 

Academic articles

In addition to printed and e-books, University studies often involve referring to articles published in academic publications and anthologies. Academic articles can be found through the following reference databases.

Information seeking

Information seeking skills are necessary for studying at the University. It’s important to know what kind of information you need and how you can find and use it most effectively. Using and evaluating various sources critically is also an information seeking skill.

Books and academic articles are good examples of information sources. Newer sources include the digital versions of books and academic journals, blogs and videos.

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