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As a student of the Open University, you will be granted a username and password for the University of Helsinki’s IT systems for the duration of your studies. You must activate your user account before you begin your studies.  

You will need your username and password when you log into the online learning environment Moodle as well as to access your email and the digital resources of the Helsinki University Library.  

Bachelor’s and master’s degree students and staff of the University of Helsinki can use their own valid user account when studying at the Open University.  

Activating a user account 

You must activate your user account before you begin your studies and start using the services of the University of Helsinki. The activation happens online and requires either in-person or strong electronic identification (see below).

You can activate your user account starting on the day following your registration. At the earliest, the user account may begin to work one hour after you activated it. However, it can take up to 24 hours before the user account works. These delays are caused by data transfers occurring between various systems.

If you are participating in a MOOC course, you may not need a University of Helsinki user account. Students on such courses will also not be granted access to the University’s information systems. This is specified on the course page or another online learning environment of the MOOC course.  

Instructions for activating your user account 

NB! Due to the deployment of the new academic administration system at the University of Helsinki, University of Helsinki user accounts cannot be activated from 16 to 30 May 2021. If your studies begin during that period or right in the beginning of June, remember to activate your user account in good time, no later than on Saturday, 15 May 2021. Read more: New academic administration system introduced at the University of Helsinki 

In-person or strong electronic identification

Activating a University of Helsinki user account requires identification either electronically or in person.  

Options for strong electronic identification 

  • Bank identification (with personal online banking codes) 
  • Mobile certification 
  • An ID card with a chip granted by the police or a certifying Visa Electron card issued by OP Group. In addition to such a card, you will need a card reader and the associated software. 

In-person identification if electronic identification is impossible  

  • Complete the electronic user account application, sign it and send it to the University of Helsinki Helpdesk. Indicate in your application that you intend to complete studies at the Open University.  
  • Helpdesk will create your user account and send a notification of it to your email. 
  • Once you have received the message, visit one of the University’s ID Point identification locations to prove your identity. 
  • After this, call the Helpdesk (tel. 02941 55555) for your username and password. 
  • NB! If you live outside Helsinki and cannot visit an ID Point: Complete and sign the user account application and send it to the University of Helsinki Helpdesk. Indicate in your application that you intend to complete studies at the Open University and cannot visit an ID Point in person. Helpdesk will give you further instructions for activating your user account.


The default password of the user account must be changed before logging into services that require identification. 

The password must be changed once per year. You will receive an automatic reminder of your password expiring to your email address
Further information on the website of the University Helpdesk: 

Services accessed with the username and password

Your user account gives you access to the online learning environment Moodle, exam registrations and your email.  

Read more: The email and other digital services

User account information

You can browse the information associated with your user account (such as when it expires) on the user information page. Read more at User names and access rights.

If you later register for more studies, your username will remain the same, and your account will be valid according to the beginning of the new course or your new registration. However, if the validity of your account has not been extended despite your registration and the new course, you can apply for an extension with a form on the  User information page. If you encounter any problems, please contact the University of Helsinki Helpdesk.  
If you have changed your last name after you completed your previous studies or you intend to change it during your studies, contact the student advice services: A change in name will not change the format of the username.

Further information and troubleshooting

If you have any questions about your user account, please contact the University of Helsinki Helpdesk. When you contact them, mention that you are a student at the Open University. 

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