Non-degree studies

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Most faculties can grant the right to pursue non-degree studies to applicants who are not enrolled as degree students at the University of Helsinki. The right to study is limited to the course, grade or study module for which the right has been granted. The studies are subject to fees and they do not lead to a degree.

The right to study can be granted to, for example, a person who requires a grade or study module in a subject taught by a specific faculty for a degree being completed in a different university. The right to study can also be granted to a person who requires a grade or study module to supplement their degree or to obtain additional qualifications.

The application for the right to study must be submitted to the faculty in question. The application procedure and application periods vary by faculty. For more information on non-degree studies, applying for the right to study and the fees charged for non-degree studies, please refer to the links below or contact the student service points at the campuses.