Prayer and meditation room

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Are you bothered by the hustle and bustle on campus? Would you like to pause and calm down in the middle of a busy day? You are welcome to use the prayer and meditation room to care for your mental or spiritual well-being. You can use the space for calm contemplation, prayer or meditation. The room is open during the opening hours of the building. It is freely available to all members of the university community and requires no separate booking.

Please be considerate towards others who use the room. Remember that activities in the prayer and meditation room must comply with the university’s values. If you have any questions about the prayer and meditation room, please contact Student Services or the University chaplains.

City Centre

On the City Centre Campus, you can visit room 235 located next to the lobby displaying the scale model, on the second floor of Vuorikatu 3 above Cafe Portaali.


On Kumpula Campus, you can visit room B145 on the first floor of Chemicum at A. I. Virtasen aukio 1.


On Meilahti Campus, you can visit the room on floor P of the Meilahti Tower Hospital at Haartmaninkatu 4. The room is located in conjunction with the Leiko facilities. You can ask for guidance from the info desk on the third floor.


On Viikki Campus, you can visit a room located on the second floor of building E at Latokartanonkaari 3.

The room can be used within the opening hours of the building. Building E (the main door) is for the time being open from Monday to Friday from 10 am. to 5 pm.


  1. Please take off your shoes when entering the room and place them on the shoe rack.
  2. If there are other occupants in the room, you may still enter and quietly use the space according to your beliefs. The room is always available to students and staff of the University community, and it cannot be booked by individual parties or groups.
  3. You may use the symbols and writings of your belief. Implements related to various beliefs can be found in the locker, or you can bring with you what you need. Please also take anything you have brought to the room with you when you leave.
  4. The room is intended for contemplation, prayer and meditation, which is why eating, drinking, socialising, playing music and sleeping are not allowed.
  5. You may also say your prayers aloud and in groups, provided it does not disturb the other occupants.
  6. For reasons of fire safety, making a fire in the room is prohibited. This also applies to lighting candles.
  7. Incense and powerful fragrances are not to be used in the room due to allergies and scent sensitivity.
  8. Any activities carried out in the room must adhere to the values of the university, which include equality between genders, cultures, religions and beliefs. Any activities must be open and transparent.