Principles for a safer space

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In all our events, the participants commit to following the principles for a safer space. When attending an event, meet all participants with an open mind, respect their diversity and let everyone define their own experiences.

These principles were drawn up for each event participant to feel as good, welcome and safe as possible. Please join us in establishing an open, interactive and respectful atmosphere. Take responsibility for creating a safer place!

Anyone willing to commit to the following principles is welcome at our events:

  • Meet others with an open mind, be kind, and demonstrate compassion and acceptance to both others and yourself.
  • Let everyone be themselves. Respect diversity. Remember that you are not familiar with everyone’s abilities, experiences and boundaries.
  • Avoid making assumptions about others. Let everyone define their personal experiences in their own way. Listen to others and try to understand them.
  • If you offend someone, please apologise. Try to forgive others if they unintentionally offend you.

Our events are free from all kinds of discrimination, harassment, bullying and ridicule, as well as threatening behaviour. If you experience or witness inappropriate or offending behaviour or behaviour that goes against these principles, you have the right to intervene. You can also notify event organisers of such incidents or write to or

These principles will be announced in connection with event communications to make sure all participants are aware of them.

The principles for a safer space were drawn up in collaboration with members of the University community in 2019. While they were originally drawn up for the University's Guidance Corners, we hope they are adhered to no matter the place or organiser of the event. We recommend that you also acquaint yourself with the instructions for online event participants.