Sisu instructions: Planning compulsory studies to be completed during a student exchange

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If you intend to complete compulsory studies required for your degree during a student exchange, you should select the studies as usual in your study plan and then add them to the timeline along with a note.

If you intend to complete optional studies during a student exchange, use study drafts to plan your exchange studies.

Adding compulsory exchange studies to the Timeline

  1. Once a study plan has been started or completed, you can time the studies one course at a time by clicking on the Timeline at the top of the page in Sisu. If you have several study plans in the system, make sure that you time the studies in the plan associated with your student exchange (often the primary study plan). 
  2. The courses to be timed will appear when you click on the blue bar at the bottom of the page with the text Add courses to the timeline. Choose a course by clicking on it, and the timeline will open. You can add a course to the timeline by clicking on the teaching period during which you wish to complete the course. 
  3. Add your exchange studies to the first or third teaching period even if you will actually complete them throughout the term or during the second or fourth teaching period. Also add to the timeline any optional studies you plan to complete during your exchange so that the total amount of your exchange studies will appear in the timeline.
    Screenshot from the Timeline page in Sisu.
  4. For compulsory courses, add your own note next to each course by clicking on the three dots on the upper right-hand side of the page. Start by adding all your exchange studies to the timeline and then add the notes. Otherwise, the compulsory course in your study plan and the equivalent course at the host university will not be displayed side by side.
    Screenshot from Sisu.
  5. Add the following information to each note:
    1. the code of the compulsory course of your degree at the University of Helsinki
    2. the title of the equivalent course at the host university and the course scope in local credits
    3. a link to the course in the host university’s course catalogue (or a note to say that no such link is available).
      Screenshot from a note in Sisu.