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    Use a study draft in Sisu when:

    • you are planning on completing an optional course of your degree somewhere else than the University of Helsinki, for example, on a student exchange or at another Finnish university
    • you have not yet completed the planned course and the credit has not been transferred to the University of Helsinki yet, and
    • the planned course does not directly correspond with any course that can be found with Sisu’s search function.

    After you have completed the course, apply for credit transfer by clicking the study draft that you created. See technical instructions on applying for a credit transfer. 

      Placing future exchange or JOO studies in the study plan

      You can include future exchange or JOO studies in your study plan as optional studies by drawing up study drafts in your primary study plan in Sisu.

      Please read first the general guidelines for exchange studies planning or the general guidelines for JOO flexible study right and studies

      First consider at which points (e.g. which courses) in your study plan you wish to place your exchange or JOO studies. Then proceed to draw up a study draft for these segments. Draw up a separate draft of each course of the exchange or JOO hosting university. Contact the International exchange Services if have problems with doing your Sisu study plan.

      If you wish to complete compulsory studies during a student exchange, add them to the timeline in Sisu. You can consult our instructions for adding compulsory studies to Sisu. 

      Adding a study draft

      1. Open your study plan in Sisu.
      2. Click on the study module or the heading under which you want to add the study draft, e.g. exchange or JOO studies.
        Screen capture of an optional studies heading in a study plan in Sisu.
      3. A selection assistant will open on the right side of the screen. Scroll down the selection assistant all the way to the bottom. Click on the button “Add a study draft”.
        Kuvassa on Lisää opintoluonnos-painike valinta-avustimen alareunasta.
      4. A large pop-up window will open. Enter the required information in the pop-up window fields: Course title, scope at the University of Helsinki, institution at which the studies are to be completed, and description of the learning outcomes. If you are using the study draft for exchange or JOO-studies, start the title of the course with the word "EXCHANGE" or "JOO". If your exchange university uses a different credit system than the University of Helsinki, please include the amount of exchange university's credits for each course in the description
      5. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the pop-up window. Scroll down the pop-up window view to see the button.
        Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.
      6. The study draft will be displayed under the module where you created it in your study plan.
        Screen capture of a study draft in a study plan in Sisu.

      In most study programmes students can under certain conditions include studies completed during an exchange period as an optional study module. See the detailed criteria of your own study programme and the name and code of the study module in the Recognition of prior learning instructions. Draft an optional study module in Sisu's degree structure under "Optional study modules" 

      Esimerkki valinnaisen kokonaisuuden suunnittelusta Sisussa.


      Note: If you are a student of the Faculty of Educational Science, make only one study draft under the module instead of several separate study drafts.

      Deleting a study draft

      1. Open the selection assistant in the same way you did when adding your study draft.
      2. Scroll down the selection assistant until you see your study draft.
      3. Click on the recycle bin in the study draft icon. 

      Kuva opintoluonnoksesta valinta-avustimessa. Kuvassa on kehystetty punaisella kehyksellä roskakorikuvake, jota klikkaamalla opintoluonnoksen voi poistaa.

      4. Confirm the deletion by clicking on the Yes button.

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