Language Centre's teacher tutors help with language studies

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Studying languages, finding a suitable course or beginning independent studies can seem daunting at times. Tutoring is available for studies in Swedish, Finnish for Swedish-speakers, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and French. Teacher tutors are Language Centre teachers who have weekly drop-in office hours during the academic terms. You can ask the tutors about language courses, learning materials, studying techniques, grammar and independent-study courses. Tutoring is especially recommended for students studying languages independently.

You can discuss any language-related issue with the teacher tutors. For example, you may wonder what type of studying a particular course entails, or how studies are organised in a German-speaking country. One student may have come back to the University after a long break, while another may feel insecure speaking a particular language. Tutors can assist students with written assignments, help them select online materials and provide advice relating to the curriculum. Teacher tutors can also assess your proficiency level and help you evaluate yourself.

Language studies can also be associated with fear or negative experiences. Students with foreign language anxiety, learning disabilities or general anxiety should contact a tutor in person or via email. Studying languages should feel safe. Teacher tutors will try to find a solution that will enable every student to complete the required language and communication studies.

Teacher tutor office hours

NB! Office hours are held mainly remotely/online in the Spring semester 2023. Please check in the table below the tutoring times in different languages. Tutoring starts on 16.1. and ends on 28.4.2023. 

There is no tutoring during the gap/study week 6. - 12.3.2023.


  Time and place Teacher tutor's name and email link
English Appointments for tutoring are scheduled with the teacher via email.

Fergal Bradley's room in Zoom

Fergal Bradley
Finnish as a second national language Mondays 13 - 14

Hanna Vänskä's room in Zoom

Hanna Vänskä
French Ritva Nordström-Ylönen: Language centre programme in French and recognition of prior learning

Linda Nurmi: beginner´s level courses

Mirjami Matilainen: other matters related to French language

Tutoring is held via email, appointments are scheduled directly with the teachers.

Ritva Nordström-Ylönen

Linda Nurmi

Mirjami Matilainen



German Tuesdays 12 - 13

Christian Niedling's room in Zoom

Christian Niedling
Italian Tuesdays 15 - 16 

Giuseppe Feroldi's room in Zoom

Appointments in person are scheduled with the teacher via email.

Giuseppe Feroldi
Russian Tuesdays 16 - 16.45

Tutoring appointments are mainly in Zoom. Appointments in person are scheduled with the teacher via email.

Heidi Mäkäläinen's room in Zoom

Heidi Mäkäläinen
Spanish Wednesdays 13 - 14

Gonzalo's room in Zoomissa

  • foreign language studies exemption test, oral skills
  • beginner's level independent project course

Mirjami Matilainen 

  • Spanish language programme
  • recognition of previous language studies
  • foreign language studies exemption test, written skills
  • intermediate and advanced level independent project course

Tutoring via email.

Gonzalo Hernández


Mirjami Matilainen

Swedish Thursdays 9-10

Carola Rewell's room in Zoom

Otherwise tutoring via email.

Carola Rewell-Heikkinen
Written communication (in Finnish) Mondays 13 - 14

Salla-Maaria Suuriniemi's room in Zoom

Salla-Maaria Suuriniemi
Speech communication (in Finnish) Tutoring appointments are in Zoom and they are scheduled with the teacher via email. Maiju Ranta