UniHow system and HowULearn questionnaire

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This article gives you information about UniHow system and HowULearn questionnaire.

UniHow is a digital reflection tool and feedback system used in University of Helsinki. Students use UniHow system for answering HowULearn questionnaire, which is based on research in university pedagogy. UniHow system supports students in taking an active role in their studies and gives personal supportive feedback to promote learning.

You can log to the system using your University’s user account.

The HowULearn questionnaire supports students in taking an active role in their studies

The University of Helsinki uses the HowULearn questionnaire on learning and teaching to support students with information and feedback. The questionnaire also collects student responses to help plan and develop the University’s teaching.

Content and completion of the questionnaire

Students take the questionnaire three times as part of their bachelor’s studies and once as part of their master’s studies. Degree programmes decide on the exact times. After receiving an email invitation, students can take the questionnaire by logging in to the UniHow system with their username and password. The questionnaire takes 15–20 minutes to complete.
HUL questionnaire process
The HowULearn questionnaire focuses on methods of study, coping skills and study-related fatigue. Bachelor’s students are initially asked about their reasons for applying to the University, and later about their experiences in the learning environment, the professional skills provided by their studies and employment during studies.

The questionnaire is based on theories of university-level learning and research on higher education. Students are also asked whether they consent to their responses being used in research.

Personal feedback to promote learning

After the questionnaire deadline, students receive an email message telling them that they can access their personal feedback, including information and personalised comments concerning their study methods and how students at the same stage of the degree programme have responded to specific areas of the questionnaire. The feedback also includes research-based tips to promote learning.

The feedback is personal and available only for the student. The student can print feedback using browser's print functionalities (either to paper or to PDF-file). The student can discuss the feedback for example in PSP supervision.

HowULearn questionnaire and research on higher education

HowULearn questionnaire is based on research in university pedagogy.. The University’s Centre for University Teaching and Learning HYPE is responsible for the content and development of the questionnaire as well as related research. Visit HYPE's home page.

The questionnaire responses of consenting students are used to explore learning in various disciplines, student experiences in learning environments and the best ways to support students throughout their studies in acquiring the learning skills needed to analyse and critically assess information. More information can be obtained from Anna Parpala anna.parpala@helsinki.fi, who heads the research group.

User support

You can contact UniHow user support via