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All degrees include a personal study plan, PSP, which is drawn up using the study planning tool Sisu. A PSP is a plan on how to proceed in your studies.

The PSP is used to

  • define study and future professional goals
  • plan your studies in a goal-oriented manner
  • recognise and develop your skills.

At the beginning of studies each student will be assigned a teacher or a group of teachers responsible for PSP supervision. They will also assist students in finding answers to problems arising during studies. PSP supervision is a way to interact with teachers and other students. Tutoring can be implemented in groups, peer groups or individually.

Some degree programmes also use Sisu’s tutoring features which allow students to receive direct feedback on their plan and answers to any questions they may have from the supervising teacher through Sisu. Tutoring features will be taken into use in all degree programmes by the end of 2020. In degree programmes where tutoring features are not yet in use, feedback and supervision for study plans are provided according to degree programme practices through other channels.

Drawing up a study plan in Sisu

In the autumn all new students will draw up their study plans in Sisu. Students who have commenced their studies earlier must also draw up a study plan in Sisu by the beginning of March 2021. Study plans that have been drawn up in Sisu earlier must also be resubmitted due to a technical update. Sisu will replace the current student register system Oodi in March 2021. In the future Sisu will be used for registering for studies as well as for applying, for example, for recognition of prior studies and graduation. New features will be deployed in stages and they will be communicated on separately. However, course registrations for 2020–2021 will be primarily done in WebOodi. Sisu will be widely deployed at the beginning of the 2021–2022 academic year.

You can log in to Sisu either through the Sisu link in the navigation bar at the top of this page or directly at

The drawing up of a study plan in Sisu is based on three stages:

  1. Plan your studies
  2. Schedule your studies
  3. Register for studies in WebOodi

Quick instructions for drawing up a study plan in Sisu (the same Wiki page also provides other user instructions pertaining to Sisu for students)

Video instructions for drawing up a study plan in Sisu (in Finnish)

The reading material for the Student’s digital skills course also has good instructions on how to draw up a study plan.