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Problems with information technology? Read the study material of the Student’s digital skills study course and say goodbye to problems.

University IT services and related support are provided by the IT Center. Complete descriptions of the services are available in the IT Center service catalogue.

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You can see the status of  IT Services and information on disruptions on IT Center's status site.

Support and guidance


The IT Helpdesk instructions site provides instructions for the most popular applications and IT services at the university.

IT Helpdesk provides students and employees at the University of Helsinki with user support on the university’s IT services, key applications and information systems. You can contact IT Helpdesk via chat, by telephone or by e-mail. If you need to reach IT Helpdesk quickly, you should preferably use chat. You may also call in urgent cases. If the matter is not urgent, use e-mail.

ID Point identification

With the ID Point identification service, you can verify your identity for IT Helpdesk telephone services. The service is useful, for instance, if you have forgotten your password or the password is no longer valid and you cannot change it yourself. The service is available to all who have a valid university user account.


Information security and privacy protection

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Information security is the responsibility of everyone at the university. Read the instructions below.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states the minimum requirements on the processing of personal data in EU countries.

The IT Center’s information security team (Flamma) is responsible for the overall information security and its development at the university.

Logging in and connections

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Username and password

You will need a username and password to log in to your university computer and to use university IT services, such as e-mail, intranet and home directory. Your user account will be valid for a limited time.

Wireless network connections

The university’s eduroam visitor network provide you with wireless connections. Read more about wireless connections on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

Remote access to network and materials

You can remotely access the university’s internal network services. Read more about remote access on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

Collaboration and publication


Office 365

Office 365 is a communications and time management package for university students and staff. Read more about Office 365 on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.


Your license includes an e-mail account and a personal address. The service also includes junk mail and malware filtering. Additional services include mailing lists and shared service addresses. You can log in to your university email here. Enter your username in the format '' (e.g. Read more about university e-mail software on the IT Helpdesk instructions site.

Encrypted e-mail

The encrypted e-mail service allows you to encrypt the e-mails and attachments you send. See instructions on how to send encrypted e-mails on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

Flamma workgroups and wiki

A network service for the creation and publication of own content and for cooperation between everyone at the university, visitors and external organisations.


A service for the administration and publication of blogs. Read instructions and get support for the blogs service here.


A collection of services for producing, publishing and viewing video and audio material at the university. Read more about Unitube on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

Video communications

The university offers various possibilities for video conferencing and online meetings. Read more about video communications on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

Saving files


Personal storage space

Secure and backed up disk space for you to save your files. In addition to your personal storage space, there are several other storage methods that are suitable for sharing information with others and for working with editable documents.

Printing and software



The printing services are implemented by Unigrafia. For students, all printing is subject to a charge. You can buy printing credits and check the prices at Unigrafia's online store

See the instructions for printing on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.


The IT Center manages the acquisition and use of the most important software licences at the university and provides software for use through the Download Centre. Read more about university online services on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

University software licenses (in Flamma)

The IT Center has acquired extensive licences for a variety of software applications used at the university, covering, in addition to the university computers, the personal computers of the students, depending on the contract. Read more about University software licenses on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

The Download Centre

The Download Centre is a distribution service for software acquired by the university for home use by students and staff. Read more about how to use the Download Centre on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

Office 365 ProPlus

If you use Office 365, you can use the Office 365 ProPlus package free of charge, including the right to install the Microsoft Office suite on your own devices. Read more about Office 365 ProPlus on the IT Helpdesk instruction page.

Unix and Linux

In addition, the university provides you with a Cubbli-Linux for installation on university computers. You can also use it via a remote desktop. You can use the Cubbli with your normal university user account and you will have access to the key services provided by the university. See the Unix and Linux instructions on the IT Helpdesk instruction page. 

Complete service descriptions of the services are available in the IT Center service catalogue.