Completing a credit

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By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

You can apply for a custom course credit in a situation where you have to complete a course or a study module to correspond to the learning outcomes in your degree programme’s curriculum.  

You can apply for a custom course credit in the following cases: 

  • You are a transfer student whose course’s or a study module’s, that is included in your degree, learning outcomes have not been fulfilled and there are no complementing studies available. 
  • You are a student that has transferred from old degree requirements to new degree requirements, and in order to fulfill the learning outcomes of a course or a study module, completing studies with a separate credit is required. 
  • You have been on student exchange and the learning outcomes of a course or a study module are not fulfilled with the substitutions of studies completed in the student exchange, and there are no complementing studies available. 

Please note that you cannot update outdated studies with a custom course credit. Outdated studies must be completed again in a way defined in the curriculum. 

Applying for a custom course credit in Sisu

Check together with your supervisor before submitting the application if you have already completed studies that are suitable, which have not been added to your study plan in Sisu. In some cases, there might be a suitable credit in your completed studies that can be added to the plan in the free edit mode instead of a custom course credit (see Applications concerning the content of a study plan). 

If you do not have a corresponding credit or the corresponding credit should still be completed in order to achieve the learning outcomes, do this: 

  1. Agree about doing a custom course credit with the coordinating teacher of the study module or the course that requires completion. The coordinating teacher defines what kind of a credit you are required to perform for the completion. Completion methods can be e.g. an exam, an essay or a portfolio. 
  2. Add the custom course credit in your study plan in Sisu as a study draft. This way your supervisor will also see that you are completing your studies. If necessary, you can ask for advice from your supervisor who can see your up-to-date study plan in Sisu. 
  3. When you have completed the assignments required for the custom course credit and the teacher has approved the credit, you can submit an application for the registration of the credit through the study draft in Sisu. See the technical instructions for submitting the application. 
  4. The application is forwarded to the course’s or the study module’s coordinating teacher for revision, and you will receive a mark of the completed credit in Sisu within two months. 

Adding a custom course credit in the study plan

If a notification “Selections against the rules” appears in the study module where the custom course credit has been added to in Sisu, this is because the custom course credit deviates from the normal content of the module. To remove the error message, you must apply for approval for the content of the module in accordance with these instructions