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UH highly recommends exchange students (not visiting students) to apply for housing with the housing application form in Mobility Online by the application deadline. With this housing application it’s possible to receive a housing offer from either Unihome or Hoas. Kindly note that submitting a housing application does not guarantee a housing offer. Please follow the instructions on how to apply.

Please note that you may receive an offer for a different accommodation type than what you have selected as prioritized in your housing application. Different housing options can be seen on the housing application in Mobility Online and in the end of this page.

If Unihome / Hoas offers you housing, the housing offer will be sent to you by email (usually latest by June 30th if you apply for autumn or by November 30th if you apply for spring. Please note that housing offers may also be sent after these dates.). Please make sure that your email address in your Mobility Online application is correct. Housing reservations will be made in co-operation between Unihome and Hoas and you can receive only one housing offer. If you decide to refuse the reserved housing, you will need to make your own housing arrangements.

If you receive a housing offer, please read the accommodation/rental agreement carefully: There are differences between the agreement and its terms and regulations between Hoas and Unihome. The agreement is made based on the applicant’s exchange period. Please read the housing offer through carefully before signing it.

It's possible that you will receive a housing offer from Unihome / Hoas before your acceptance from the faculty. If you have received an offer, please follow the advice given in the offer and pay the possible housing deposit before the deadline. If you are not accepted to the University of Helsinki, but have already paid your housing deposit, Unihome/Hoas is able to cancel your housing agreement without any costs and you’ll receive the entire deposit back. However, If you receive a housing offer before you have been officially accepted as an exchange student at the University of Helsinki, it is advisable to pay the deposit only after you have received the acceptance letter. 


Unihome offers exchange students furnished accommodation in Helsinki. For students coming to City Centre and Meilahti Campuses Domus Academica is the most  convenient. When your studies are in Viikki or Kumpula Campus, UH Pihlajamäki G-W is the place to stay.

  • Domus Academica (address: Hietaniemenkatu and Leppäsuonkatu)
  • Unihome/ UH Pihlajamäki G-W (address: Vuolukiventie)
  • Unihome apartment types:
    - Studio apartment 17m2-28m2 (88 % of Unihome flats)
    - Room with shared kitchen (8 % of Unihome flats)


Hoas provides exchange students with four different furnished apartment type located in several metropolitan areas in Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa.

If you have not received a housing offer from Unihome/HOAS or did not apply via Mobility Online, please see the following instructions for how to apply for housing:

Instructions for students - Housing (See Other housing options and Housing for incoming visiting students)