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Have a look at this list of useful hints and sources of information for house hunters.

If you do not know where to start, check out first the factors to consider when searching for housing. If you already know what you want, select appropriate link under Quick links and go ahead and apply.

Please note that the University of Helsinki itself does not provide accommodation for students and it does not offer key pick up service. The University of Helsinki is working in cooperation with HOAS and Unihome in order to accommodate the growing number of international students. Neither the University of Helsinki nor our partners can guarantee that you will find a place to stay – but we will do our very best to inform you about different housing providers.

Housing options

Housing for international Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students

If you are a Bachelor’s or Master's degree student, you are responsible for ensuring that you have accommodation for the duration of your studies. You can: 

To make your housing search easier and safer, please read the Factors to consider when looking for housing.

NB! Please make your accommodation arrangements before you arrive in Finland, as the University of Helsinki does not provide emergency accommodation.

Housing for incoming exchange students

Exchange students coming through an official exchange programme apply for housing in the Mobility Online application system. For more information, please see

Housing for incoming visiting students

As a visiting student, you have the following options to apply for housing

  • Apply for a furnished Unihome apartment by contacting Unihome directly at students@unihome.fi.
  • Apply for a Hoas apartment (unfurnished) directly through the HOAS website (Choose Apply for housing -> Need for student housing -> Visiting student). You can request for a furnished apartment in the housing application section “Comments and additional information". Note that for in autumns there are very limited amount of furnished apartments left so we recommend to apply for both furnished and unfurnished apartment types.
  • Apply for a Forenom student apartment (20% discount for university of Helsinki exchange & visiting students - check our Newsletter for the discount code. Available only for selected locations in Helsinki and minimum stays of 5 nights).
  • Also check the open market housing options below.

Factors to consider when looking for housing

Hurry up!

First the good news: Helsinki is a very safe city, apartments are well maintained and the public transport network is excellent.

The bad news? There is great demand for housing as Helsinki is Finland's only metropole. There are not enough apartments for everyone wanting to move in. So be one step ahead and start looking for an apartment right after receiving your acceptance letter!

We recommend you start your house hunting by checking what HOAS and Unihome has to offer you. If you are not willing to live in a student housing, check the “Other housing options”-section.

The more channels the better

Apply for an apartment simultaneously through various channels to increase your chances of getting an apartment. Remember: if you receive a housing offer – take it! As there is a lot of competitions in the housing market in Helsinki, it is unlikely that you will receive another housing offer.

Please note that the University does not offer temporary housing.

Be prepared to pay more

Helsinki’s loveliness and high living standards come with a price. You should have 450–700 euro for living expenses per month (or even more, depending on your spending habits) and an additional 450–800 euro per month for housing. For the residence permit, you are required to have 560 euro per month on your bank account, but that will not be enough for living in Helsinki.

Could you live further away from the city centre?

The further you live from the centre of Helsinki, the cheaper the rents and the bigger the selection of apartments on offer are. Also, the public transport network is vast and connections are frequent and punctual, so living further away is not a problem! You can check the public transport connections from your apartment to the campus from the HSL Journey Planner.

Remember these tips when applying

Especially in Helsinki, where the demand for housing is high, one housing offer might receive dozens of replies. To improve your chances to get an apartment, consider the following tips while replying to a housing offer or writing your own announcement:

  • Introduce yourself and tell that you are studying at the University of Helsinki.
  • Express your interest for the apartment in question.
  • Remember to write in full sentences.
  • If you decide to attach a picture of yourself, the picture should be decent.
  • If you find an interesting housing offer e.g. on Facebook, it is recommendable to contact the person via private message rather than only on the comment field.
  • Make sure to leave your contact information (phone/email).
  • Most importantly: be polite and take time to write your reply/announcement!

Never send money or your passport information to anyone!

There are many scam announcements online. Do not send money or your passport details to anyone on the open market before you have seen the apartment and signed a contract. An offer that sounds too good to be true (e.g. a studio flat under 500 euros in the centre) is usually a scam.

Cancel unnecessary applications

Remember to cancel unnecessary applications after finding accommodation. Otherwise, other students in the queue might have to wait longer for their housing offer.

No flat before arriving in Finland? Book a hostel room early!

If you haven't received a housing offer by mid-August (or mid-December for the spring term) it is likely that you won't get a flat by the beginning of September/January. In this case, it can be a good idea to secure temporary accommodation for the whole of September/January right away. Most flats and rooms are vacant from the beginning of the month.

Hoas - Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki region

What is Hoas?

Hoas is the main non-profit organisation providing student housing in the Helsinki Region. Hoas offers rooms and apartments for incoming students (international Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students and incoming exchange students) of The University of Helsinki. 

Information about Hoas apartments

Hoas has a large selection of different types of student rooms and apartments in the Helsinki region.

  • Hoas rooms and apartments are mainly unfurnished with a few exceptions.
  • Rents are generally higher in newer or recently renovated properties as well as in apartments that are close to central Helsinki.

How to apply a Hoas room/apartment

  • It is advisable to apply for an apartment as soon as you receive confirmation of your place of study. The earliest you can apply is four months before you need the apartment
  • Hoas cannot guarantee housing for all students. There is no guarantee that you will get an apartment when your studies begin.
  • Most HOAS contracts start in August, but for some locations, the tenancy period starts on September 1st. You are expected to arrive in Helsinki before the Orientation week begins. If your tenancy period starts on September 1st, make sure you have booked a hostel or other accommodation for the last days of August.

Applications are made through the Hoas website. Hoas website provides further information for applicants. If you have any further question, please contact Hoas.

Practical arrangements

University of Helsinki does not provide key pick up service.


Unihome offers a wide variety of cosy, furnished rooms and apartments in Helsinki and Espoo, ready for you to move in. In our apartments you can stay for a longer period or visit briefly. Moving in with us is easy and safe.

Unihome offers high-quality furnished accommodation in Töölö neighborhood in Helsinki, at university campus in Otaniemi and near Viikki university campus in Pihlajamäki. University of Helsinki also offers rental apartments for longer stays to people arriving in Finland from abroad.

More information available on the Unihome website.

Open market housing options

Besides student housing, you can also check the following housing options from the open market. Please note that these housing options are offered by private organizations that are not related to the University of Helsinki.

Long-term open market housing

Short-term open market hous­ing

In case you don't have housing when you arrive, check the housing options below:

Flat hunting on social media

Social media outlets also host various groups aimed at helping members find housing in the Helsinki area. Joining a group can be a useful way to find about opportunities not listed elsewhere. However, it's good to note that these groups are often hosted and moderated by private individuals – use the groups at your own discretion. Be mindful that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Here are a couple of examples of Facebook groups you can consider joining:

Furnish your apartment

Tips for student apartment furniture

Most of the student rooms or apartments are rented unfurnished. Here are some ideas how you can furnish your home:

  • Furniture for reasonable prices can be bought at second hand shops.
  • There are two Ikea stores near Helsinki in Espoo and Vantaa. They also have a delivery service.
  • For one-stop shopping, check out the shopping centres in Helsinki and the surrounding area.
  • You may also want to search local Facebook recycling groups for affordable second hand furniture.

You can find directions on how to get to the different shops and stores by using the HSL journey planner, street addresses are provided below.

Shopping centres, department stores and shops in the Helsinki area

  • Forum (Helsinki City Centre): Mannerheimintie 14–20
  • Kamppi (Helsinki City Centre): Urho Kekkosenkatu 1
  • Stockmann (Helsinki City Centre): Aleksanterinkatu 52
  • Sokos (Helsinki City Centre): Mannerheimintie 9
  • Habitat (Helsinki city Centre): Keskuskatu 6
  • Clas Ohlsson (Helsinki City Centre): Mannerheimintie 4
  • Redi (Helsinki, Kalasatama): Hermannin rantatie 5
  • Tripla (Helsinki, Pasila): Fredikanterassi 1
  • Itis (Eastern Helsinki): Itäkatu 1–7
  • Jumbo (Vantaa): Vantaanportinkatu 3
  • Sello (Espoo): Leppävaarankatu 3–9
  • Iso Omena (Espoo): Piispansilta 11

Second hand shops and flea markets

  • Reuse Centre department stores and shops: Kyläsaarenkatu 8 (Helsinki), Kauppakartanonkatu 12 (Helsinki), Keinulaudankuja 4 (Helsinki), Kutojantie 3 (Espoo), Rusthollarinkatu 1 (Espoo), Hosantie 2 (Vantaa)
  • Fida second hand shops: e.g. Hämeentie 5a (Helsinki), Hämeentie 31 (Helsinki)
  • Kontti second hand department stores by the Red Cross: Visbynkuja 2 (Helsinki), Nimismiehenpelto 6 (Espoo), Tammiston kauppatie 8 (Vantaa)
  • Emmaus Helsinki flea markets: Mäkelänkatu 54, Gyldénintie 2
  • Hietalahti Flea Market: Hietalahti Market Square
  • Hakaniemi Flea Market (on Sundays): Hakaniemi Market Square