Sisu instructions: Downloading a transcript of studies and a certificate of student status

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You can order an official digitally signed transcript of records and a study certificate from Sisu on page My Profile, which you can find from the main menu.

These digitally signed documents are official only in their digital form and not as paper-printed copies, for example. The files cannot be modified, as any changes made to the file invalidates the digital signature.

If you need the document on paper, see ordering instructions from the following pages:

Downloading a transcript of studies

You can print an official transcript of studies from the Completed credits tab. If you need a transcript of studies on paper, read more on the instructions page Order a transcript of studies.

You can print out an unofficial transcript of studies by following the next steps.

1. Click Form transcript button in the upper right corner.
Screenshot of the Form transcript button.

2. You can choose whether you want to print out all your completed studies or only studies completed for specific study rights. All attainments option forms a single printout with all the completed studies in the University of Helsinki register. The Select study rights option creates a separate printout of each study right, so that you will get as many files as you have chosen study rights.

3. You can choose whether you also want the printout to include the partially completed course credits. By default, only the totally completed course credits will be printed.

4. Select the language in which you would like to print the transcript: Finnish, Swedish or English. If you wish to print out the transcript in multiple languages, you can also choose more than one.

5. Click the Print button, and Sisu starts to create the transcript.
Screenshot of the transcript options in Sisu.

6. Creating the transcript will take a while. When the transcript is ready to be printed out, a notification “The PDF file has been created. Download the PDF” will appear. By clicking the notification you can open or save the file.
Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

If you chose multiple study rights or languages, a zip file containing a separate PDF file for each option will be formed. You should first save the file on your computer and then unzip it in order to be able to view and print out the transcripts. Options on saving and printing the file depend on the browser and the operating system you are using.

Your personal data and active study rights are at the top of the transcript. Your completed degrees, modules, and courses (and partially completed courses if you chose the option) are listed in the following pages. Grading scales and their explanations are categorised at the end of the transcript.

Digitally signed certificate of a student status

You can download a verified, that is, a digitally signed certificate of a student status in Sisu on the Study rights tab.

Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

To select a language for the certificate of a student status, click form a certificate of student status.

Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

Select the language in which you wish to have the certificate: Finnish, Swedish, or English. You may also select several options, if you wish to print the certificate in multiple languages. By clicking the form-button Sisu will start forming the certificate.

Checking the authenticity and integrity of a digital signature

Checking the authenticity and integrity of a digital signature

Electronic signature, as in a verified certificate, has to be checked from the original document only. If an electronic document is modified, the digital signature disappears. A digital signature is not valid on a printed document. Receiver of a document should not accept paper copies alone without the verified electronic document.

Validity of a digitally signed document is checked as follows:

  1. Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Open the Signature panel on the left side.
  3. Open Certificate Details under the Signature Details heading.
    Screenshot of the Signatures panel of the pdf file.
    NB.! Adobe declares the credibility of a digital certificate to be unknown, because the certificate is not included in Adobe’s AATL Source of Trust. However, the certificate granted by the University of Helsinki is credible.
  4. Check the information of verification. A document of the University of Helsinki is digitally signed, when the following information is mentioned in the Summary of an electronic PDF file:

Signed by University of Helsinki (

Issued by: GEANT Code Signing CA 4
GEANT Vereniging

Valid from: 2021/03/25 03:00:00 + 03’00’
Valid to: 2024/03/25 02:59:59 + 03’00’

Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

Credibility of a certificate can also be checked by contacting The contact email is also in the certificate summary.

Further information on digital signatures

If you are registered as an attending student at the University of Helsinki, you can order an official digitally signed transcript of records or a study certificate from Sisu. These documents are PDF documents equipped with a digital signature to confirm their authenticity and integrity.

Digital signatures are replacing handwritten signatures and stamps. The electronic documents should be a valid and primary alternative in all situations where signed and stamped paper documents have been used thus far. Whatever the transaction, if the party concerned does not accept your digitally signed document, you may request a signed and stamped paper document from your student service point, as before.

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