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As a student at the Open University, you will be granted a user account for the University of Helsinki’s information systems for the duration of your studies. Your user account gives you access to the online learning environment Moodle and the email.  

Use your username and password to log in to the University’s services. Read more: University of Helsinki user account 

NB! Due to the deployment of the new academic administration system at the University of Helsinki, University of Helsinki user accounts cannot be activated from 16 to 30 May 2021. In the latter half of May, disruptions can occur in other digital University services as well. Read more: New academic administration system introduced at the University of Helsinki 


Online learning environments Moodle and MOOC

Most Open University courses use the online learning environment Moodle. Access Moodle with your University of Helsinki user account. In addition to the username and password, you will need the course key when you log in for the first time. 

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) do not usually require a University of Helsinki user account. Participation instructions are available on the course page of each MOOC.   

Microsoft Office 365 services

As a student of the Open University, you will have access to Microsoft Office 365 services for the duration of your studies.  
These services include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and the email.  

You can access these applications through your web browser at the University of Helsinki Office365 login page. You must log in with your University of Helsinki username and password to use the applications.  

NOTE! Microsoft Office 365 services have been available to Open University students from February 2017 onwards. If you have a user account that was created before February 2017 and you do not have access to the services, please contact the University of Helsinki Helpdesk.   

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As a student at the Open University, you will be granted a email address for the duration of your studies. You can access your email by logging in at the University of Helsinki Office365 login page with your University of Helsinki username and password. 

NOTE! By default, all study-related emails will be sent to your address unless you specifically redirect your emails to another address.   

You will have access to your address for 10 weeks after the expiration of your right to study.  

If you do not want to use your email, you can redirect your emails to another address. Instructions for redirecting email to another address

The home directory and the University’s public computer facilities

During your studies, you can use the University’s home directory and public computer facilities.  

The home directory is only accessible during your studies. Any files you have stored in the home directory will be destroyed after the end of your studies. Therefore it is important that you copy important files to another location when you are finishing your studies.  

You can also print, scan and copy documents at the University’s computer facilities and libraries. The fees for printing, scanning and copying are paid from your printing balance which you can purchase from Unigrafia.

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Electronic resources at Helsinki University Library

The learning material for your studies may also include e-books and other digital resources. The digital resources of the Helsinki University Library are available with a University of Helsinki user account.  
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University Wiki services

A wiki is a collaboratively created website that users can edit and change directly from their browser. Some courses include groupwork done on a wiki. 

VPN portal: A protected connection to the University in your browser

The VPN portal lets you log in to the University of Helsinki’s network securely with your username and password. Some services require the use of a VPN connection.  
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Further information and help with problems

If you have any questions about the user account or the services accessed with it, please contact the University of Helsinki Helpdesk. When contacting the Helpdesk, mention that you are a student at the Open University.

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