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By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.


Frequently asked questions

When do I need to apply for an extension to complete my studies?
Faculties tend to have a certain deadline in the spring for extension applications, but such deadlines are not unconditional. The date tells you that the applications submitted by the deadline will be processed before the end of the academic year. Extensions can be applied for at any time. Applications will usually be processed in a few weeks.

If you are planning to take a break from studying, you should only apply for an extension once you intend to continue studies. Extensions can also be granted after the expiry of the right to study.
Where can I obtain a certificate of student status?
From any Student Services service point or by sending an email to their customer service addresses (e.g., viikki-student(at) Please include your student number and contact details (email or postal address). No fee will be charged for the certificate of student status or its postage.