Reinstatement of a study right

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As a student, you must register as attending or non-attending for every academic year, during the registration period. If you do not complete the registration, you will lose your study right.  

If you have failed to register for an academic year and wish for your study right to be returned during the same academic year, you have to pay the re-enrolment fee and register as attending or non-attending by 31 July. See instructions on page Forgotten registration and re-enrolment fee

If you have forgotten the registration and wish to restore your study right on the next academic year following the oversight or later, you have to submit an application for your faculty by filling in a form below. 

NB! Only apply for the reinstatement of a study right if the normative duration of your studies has not ended yet or if the current normative durations of studies do not apply to you (students who begun their studies in 2004 or earlier). If the statutory duration of your degree has expired, apply for an extension.  

The application for readmission is addressed to the faculty in which you had a right to pursue a degree. If you have had several study rights simultaneously in different faculties, submit the application to those faculties where you wish to continue your studies. You will receive a notification of the approval or dismissal of your application to the e-mail address you have provided. When the faculty restores your study right, please see instructions for the re-enrolment fee and registering.  

Please note that the application only concerns the reinstatement of an existing study right, not the granting of new study rights. In other words, you have already had to have a study right for which you are applying the readmission for.  

Are you a postgraduate student? Instructions and forms for applying for a readmission of a study right can be found on instructions for doctoral researchers.

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