Sisu instructions: applying for an extension

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Before submitting an application, please read carefully the instructions for the content of the application and processing times on the page If your study right expires. 

Take note of these important matters before submitting an application

  • You can apply for an extension in Sisu only if your study right has not ended yet. If your study right has expired, always apply for an extension with an e-form on the page If your study right expires. 
  • You cannot apply for an extension only for a Master’s degree if you have not finished your Bachelor’s degree. In this case, apply for an extension for both degrees and make a study plan for both degrees. 
  • If you have registered as non-attending for statutory reasons, please make sure that you have submitted a certificate of the reasons for your non-attendance to the student services in Kaisa House before you apply for an extension. Non-attendance due to statutory reasons will not reduce the duration of your degree studies.

Notification on the ending of your study right

If your study right is ending during the current semester, an info box is visible on the frontpage of Sisu: “If you will not graduate before the study right ends, you must apply for an extension. Make sure you have time for the graduation process.”  You can submit an application by clicking Apply for an extension.
Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

Finalising a study plan before submitting an application

In order for you to be able to make an extension application, your study plan must be in order and any uncompleted courses must be timed. All sections of your study plan have to be in the status “Selections made”. 

If this is not the case, Sisu will direct you to first finish your plan: 

  • If the structure of your studies requires a separate approval for a section, these sections must be approved or conditionally approved.  
  • If you have study drafts in your study plan, they must be approved in a study module or in the status “Approval requested”.  
  • If you have not timed all your courses, Sisu will ask you to time them. Study drafts also need to be timed just like other courses. Untimed courses should be timed for the current period or for future periods/semesters before you can submit an extension application. There can be no uncompleted courses that are timed for the past in your study plan. 
  • If both your degrees are in progress in a two-phase degree, you must time both the Bachelor’s degree’s and the Master’s degree’s studies.  
    Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

Filling in an application

Once your study plan and its timing are in order, you can submit an application in Sisu. You can open an application either from the info box on Sisu’s frontpage or from the study right information on the My profile page. 
Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

You can see your study right’s information at the top of the application. 
Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

After your study right information, the application lists previous semesters, their attendance information and your completed credits.
Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

In the planned studies, you can see your timed studies by semesters. You can view all studies planned for a semester by clicking the semester.
Kuvakaappaus Sisun käyttöliittymästä.

You can apply for an extension for one to four semesters at a time. Apply for an extension based on how many semesters you have planned studies for. You can find more information on the amount of the extension granted on the page If your study right expires
Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

Finally, provide additional information about the reasons for the delay of your studies and how you are planning to finish the studies. The additional information to be provided on the application depend on how many times you have applied for an extension already. Check the information that is required in the application on the page If your study right expires

Finally, select how you would like to be notified of the decision.
Screenshot of the user interface of Sisu.

After you have submitted the application, you will be asked to deliver attachments that are necessary for processing your application. Student Services will ask you for attachments separately if necessary, you do not need to send attachments independently. 

Cancelling an application

If you wish, you can cancel an application immediately after you have submitted it. You can also cancel the application later in applications and requests (on the My profile page). In this case, also notify the Student Services about the cancellation of your application. A cancelled application cannot be restored. You cannot submit a new application as long as the previous application has been processed or cancelled. 

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