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Career Services provides you career counselling and guidance on traineeships, in addition to which we organise events related to job seeking and career opportunities.The services are available to you from the beginning of your studies and for a year after graduation.

Drop-in support for job search


Are you wondering how to apply for jobs or traineeships? Do you need practical tips for drafting your CV, job application or LinkedIn profile? Do you need support with your job search strategy? Would you like to know more about the UH’s subsidy system for traineeships? 

Career services is offering support for job search. You don’t need to make an appointment, just drop in and get your questions answered. The support covers eg. the following issues: 

  • Feedback on your CV and cover letter 
  • Support in building your LinkedIn profile 
  • Practical questions concerning job search 
  • Questions concerning traineeships, including funding for traineeships. 

The Drop-in support for job search is organized either online via Zoom or in one of the Guidance Corners (Kaisa House or Viikki campus). Please see the dates, locations and the link to the Zoom-session below. The duration of the session is max. 20 min / student.

Please note: You will be let into the Zoom-session only at 12.00, 12.20, 12.40, 13.00, 13.20 and 13.40. After clicking the link you will arrive in a waiting room. Please be prepared to wait for your turn. We will let you know your waiting time by sending a message to the waiting room. Do stay in the waiting room to keep your spot in the line.  

Please note that job search support is not career counselling. If you are considering questions related to your future career, such as your career aspirations or your personal competences and strengths, make an appointment for career counselling (you can find instructions below). 

During the spring 2023 the Drop-in support for job search will be offered on the following Tuesdays at 12.00–14.00:

17.1. Kaisa House, Guidance Corner
24.1. Zoom
31.1. Viikki Guidance Corner

7.2. Zoom
21.2. Kaisa House, Guidance Corner
28.2. Zoom

14.3. Viikki Guidance Corner
28.3. Zoom

11.4. Kaisa House, Guidance Corner
25.4. Zoom

9.5. Viikki Guidance Corner
23.5. Zoom

Join the Zoom-sessions using this link:
Meeting ID: 697 2603 8193, Passcode: 686553

Meet career counsellor at Wednesday coffee sessions

Students having coffee.

Do you need a break from studying? Would you like a cup of coffee or tea? Come and meet the University’s guidance counsellors and career counsellors, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. While doing so, you can chat with us and, if you wish, discuss your studies and career considerations. Coffee sessions are organised every other Wednesday.

See the dates and locations of the spring 2023 Wednesday coffee sessions on this Well-being Events page and join us!

Workshops and groups

Career Services organizes several groups and workshops to support your career planning and job search during the academic year. The workshops and groups are open for all the students at the University of Helsinki regardless of the point of studies. Registration to all workshops and groups takes place on JobTeaser.

Workshops: The dates, venues, content descriptions and registration links of all workshops held during the semester can be found on the Career Services' Event Calendar. Registration for the workshops opens on JobTeaser at least one month before the event.

Groups: The dates, venues, content descriptions and registration links of all groups held during the semester can be found on the Groups and courses to support the ability to study -page.

Career counselling by appointment

What is career counselling – and what it is not?

Career counselling provides support for developing self-knowledge, mapping out career aspirations and opportunities, making decisions related to careers and planning future careers. The objective of career counselling is, through joint discussions, to provide you with tools for finding answers and clearing your thoughts. In addition to discussions, career counselling may employ various methods and techniques to improve your career skills.

Career counselling is always about the client and is based on client's goals, respect and confidential interaction. The process is always oriented to the client. The premise of career counselling is support for the client’s independent activities, strengthening one's agency and participation. This operating principle can also be described with the words “respectful support”.

Career counselling is not student advice. Career counsellor cannot give you ready-made solutions for your life, but they are here to help you brainstorm and make your own plans and decisions. Neither can career counsellor take stands on issues or make decisions on your behalf, but they will help you weigh different options. Read more about the ethical principles of career counselling.

Who can book an appointment?

Individual career counselling is offered to UH degree students and UH alumni for 12 months after graduation. You can book an appointment for career counselling if you are considering, among other things, the questions related to your future career, such as your career aspirations, various career options or your personal competence and strengths.

Examples of typical student questions in which career counselling can be helpful: “I am uncertain of my own areas of interest and bothered by the future.” | “I am not sure about what my degree qualifies me to do.” | “I hope that career counselling will make my objectives clearer so that I will know better what to prioritise in job seeking.” | “I’m looking for viewpoints on what kind of career options I might have based on my education.”

This is how you book an appointment

New career counselling times are opened on our appointment booking page always on the last Wednesday of the month at around at 10.30am–11.00am, except on the last Wednesday of June, July and December, when there are exceptions to the schedule (see exceptions on the appointment booking page). Please note that career counselling is one of our most popular services and appointments book up quickly. Due to cancellations, career counselling slots may become available at other times, too.

Career counselling is available both face-to-face and online via Zoom video call. The length of each counselling session is 60 minutes. Depending on your needs, you will have 1–3 sessions available. Book your first appointment on the booking page. If you wish to have follow-up appointments, you can arrange them directly with your career counsellor.

Book an appointment for career counselling

How to prepare for your online counselling appointment?

1. Before you book your online counselling appointment, make sure that during the appointment you have a computer or mobile device with a webcam, a headset (or other speakers and a microphone) and a quiet place where you are able to discuss freely.

2. Book your appointment by selecting "online: Zoom" in the appointment booking page.

3. A few days before your appointment your career counsellor will send you a link which you can use to join the video call when your appointment is about to start.

Book an appointment for career counselling

More information about career counselling:

Traineeship instructions and guidance by appointment

Traineeship instructions

More information can be found from the theme Traineeships. You can start the process by checking out the following pages:

Traineeships guidance by appointment

During the guidance session, you have the opportunity to ask questions regarding traineeships and discuss your own situation together with a specialist from the career services.

You can book an appointment if you are thinking about the following:

  • you plan on doing a traineeship but you are not sure where to start the process
  • you need tips on how and where to look for traineeship positions
  • you wonder how the traineeship subsidy works and how you can apply for it

The duration of a guidance session is 30 minutes. 

How to prepare for your e-guidance session?

1. Before you book your e-guidance session, make sure that during the session you have

  • a computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a webcam
  • a headset (or other speakers and a microphone)
  • a quiet place, where you are able to discuss freely.

2. Book your virtual guidance session by selecting "guidance on traineeships (online)" in the appointment booking system.

3. A few days before your session the Career services' specialist will send you a link which you can use to join the call when your session is about to start. You will also receive detailed instructions for using Zoom.

JobTeaser: more than just a job portal

JobTeaser logo.

You'll find job and traineeship offers aimed at students of the University of Helsinki on JobTeaser. JobTeaser is a versatile service in which you define what kind of job advertisements you want to see in your own dashboard or receive via e-mail. 
In the JobTeaser job portal, you will find 

  • a Europe-wide job market.
  • a comprehensive selection of events organised by Career Services and other organisations
  • Finnish and international employers' profiles.
  • guidance to support job seeking and career planning.

Check out JobTeaser

JobTeaser is much more than just a job portal. Learn about JobTeaser and how to use it to get the most out of it and find the right placement offers and content for you. Instructions for using JobTeaser.

First login:

1. Important! In order to browse jobs after logging in, under Courses, select your field of study. Only this way job offers by Finnish employers will be directed to your dashboard. 
2. On the next page, you can choose what kind of jobs you are interested in. These choices affect which job offers you see automatically. You can also edit these selections later, and if you want, you can browse all open places.
3. After logging in, you can edit your profile and search criteria.

Log in with your user id at

If you have any questions, please contact Career Services, email:


Career Services organises events and workshops related to job seeking and career opportunities. Keep up with Career Services by checking the event calendar and JobTeaser. - Career readiness self-assessment is a self-assessment tool designed to support you in your career planning and study path. Identified your career planning thoughts, questions and challenges may help you to better develop your career readiness before graduation and during your career.

  • You can assess your career readiness by filling out one to three questionnaires.
  • Based on your replies, you will receive feedback and tips on which areas you should work on.
  • You can also use the feedback to assess whether the career services could have something to offer to you. You will find a summary of the career services' activities on this page.

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Mentoring is an excellent way to improve your self-knowledge, networks and familiarity with employment. Mentoring can be helpful if you are weighing up career options or needing support to clarify your expert identity. Mentoring can cover the identification and expression of your personal strengths, development and competence areas, various career options and familiarity with professional life, career planning and decision-making, as well as job-seeking skills.

In addition to the graduation stage, mentoring works well already during your studies, if you are mulling over these issues or are unsure of your future.

Several parties will provide opportunities for participating in mentoring. Read more here:

Helsinki University has also two own mentoring programmes:

EU Careers Ambassador

The Ambassador will answer questions on employment opportunities offered by various EU bodies, as well as provide details on future and ongoing traineeships, application procedures and eligibility criteria.

You'll find the EU Careers Ambassadors also on Facebook.

Detailed information can be found on European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)

Alumni Association’s Alumni Ambassador Program

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Need help polishing your CV? Want some tips for a successful job interview or in recognizing your strengths? Alumni Ambassadors are here for you!

The Alumni Ambassador program is offered for free by the University of Helsinki Alumni Association. The goal of the program is to help students begin their job search with confidence.

Alumni Ambassadors are volunteers who can give feedback on students’ CVs and LinkedIn profiles, as well as help them make connections with companies and individuals in their fields. Ambassadors are also happy to answer questions regarding work and skills required for certain fields.

The Alumni Association has a vast existing network of former students they are connected with via LinkedIn and Ambassadors are easy to contact through the platform.

How does the program work?

Check out our short video explaining the program.

Read more and take a look at the current Ambassadors on our website!

Take part in the program!

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University funding for traineeships

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University funding for traineeships

Employer Services:

Career Services for employers can be found in the University of Helsinki website at Benefit from the expertise of our students and Increase your visibility at the University. You can also contact us with email on matters related to employer cooperation: