Language education at the Language Centre

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Language skills are an asset on the job market. At the Language Centre, you can study in a flexible way to attain good, diverse language skills. The Language Centre is in charge of the studies in the foreign language and the other national language of Finland required for degrees, as well as for the communication studies in the native language when the faculty does not provide teaching in the native language. In addition to the required studies in a foreign language, native language (Finnish or Swedish) and the second national language of Finland (Swedish or Finnish), remember to take advantage of the other learning opportunities, as the Language Centre offers teaching in more than a dozen different languages.

Start planning your language studies at the beginning of your studies. If you intend to study a language that you have no previous competence in, you should start your language studies during your first year so that you have enough time to gain a level of proficiency that can support your studies, work and international activities.

Teaching in different languages

Teaching is offered in the following languages:

Check also the list of Language Centre courses suitable for non-Finnish speakers.

A 15- or 25-credit module in Chinese, English, French, Finnish as native language, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish or Swedish can be incorporated into a degree as elective studies. You can also complete module in professional communication and interaction skills.

Register for Language Centre courses and examinations through Sisu.

Communication and language studies required for a degree

All degrees feature a set amount of compulsory studies in communication and languages. The minimum scope of the language and communication studies required for the Bachelor’s degree is 10 cr. If you are completing a Master’s degree only, the language of your secondary education is Finnish or Swedish and you have completed your Bachelor’s degree abroad, you will have to demonstrate the language proficiency required by the Government Decree on University Degrees in conjunction with your Master’s degree, if your Bachelor’s degree cannot be considered to demonstrate sufficient proficiency (instructions in Finnish).

The goal of studies in a foreign language is to grant sufficient language proficiency for the student to follow developments in their field and operate in an international environment. The studies in a foreign language required for a degree can be completed either by taking a course or by completing exemption test in any of the languages offered by the Language Centre, except in Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. Students intending to complete studies in Arabic, Chinese, Danish or Estonian as their required foreign language studies must first check with their degree programme whether these languages are accepted for a degree.

Finnish for International Students

The Bachelor’s Programme in the Languages and Literatures of Finland organises Finnish for international students courses for visiting students, exchange students and international degree students enrolled at the University of Helsinki.

Courses in the Finnish language open to all

The Open University organizes courses in the Finnish language. These courses carry a fee and are open to all, regardless of their connection to the University of Helsinki.

Language Centre’s preliminary teaching programme 2022–2023

Below you can find the Language Centre’s preliminary teaching programme for the academic year 2022–2023. The final teaching programme will be published in Sisu and on Courses by end of June. Final teaching programme contains information on the dates and times, teaching facilities, teachers and registration practices, as well as, if necessary, information specifying the curriculum.

NB! The Language Centre will teach its courses as contact teaching, distance teaching or as combination of contact and distance teaching. 

Please note, that the pdf files below are trilingual (Finnish, Swedish and English).

Preliminary syllabus in Arabic

Preliminary syllabus in Chinese

Preliminary syllabus in Danish

Preliminary syllabus in English

Preliminary syllabus in Estonian

Preliminary syllabus in Finnish as a second national language

Preliminary syllabus in Finnish and Swedish as a native language

Preliminary syllabus in French

Preliminary syllabus in German

Preliminary syllabus in Italian

Preliminary syllabus in Japanese

Preliminary syllabus in Korean

Preliminary syllabus in Portuguese

Preliminary syllabus in Russian

Preliminary syllabus in Spanish

Preliminary syllabus in Swedish