Optional studies in the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The instruction belongs to the following themes

By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.


Special Education

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General and Adult Education

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Home Economics

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Studies in a teaching subject

Studies in the teaching subject are part of the studies that provide students with the qualification of a subject teacher. A list of studies in teaching subjects offered by the degree programmes of the University of Helsinki is available at Studies in the teaching subject for subject teachers.

Further information about subject teacher qualifications is available in the Planning to become a subject teacher? guide.

Multidisciplinary Studies for classroom teacher qualification

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Optional courses in educational sciences

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In these courses, priority is given to students in the Degree Programme in Educational Sciences, but students from other programmes are welcome if the course is not full.

Optional courses in Changing Education Master's programme

Optional courses to be held in the academic year 2021-2022

In these courses, priority is given to students of the Masters`programme in Changing education, but students from other programmes are also welcome, if there are places left.

You have to register to optional courses in Sisu. Please Note! Registration is possible in Sisu after 18 August 2021.

Study unit Code Study unit name Scope Method of completion Langue of instruction Teaching period Course open for exchange students/
Course level
EDUMCE22 Craft, Design, and Technology Education 5 cr Lectures, small group work, demonstrations English 3-4 Yes/EQF7
EDUMCE24 Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship (EDIC+): Teachers' Moral Competence in Pedagogical Encounters 5 cr Pre-task, group work, project work, a course diary, course literature English 3-4 Yes/ EQF7
EDUMCE25 Educational leadership 5 cr Lectures, essay, course literature, independent work English 3 Yes/ EQF7
EDUMCE32 Neuroscientific approach to artistic and practical subjects 5cr Group work, lectures, course literature, independent work English 2 Yes/ EQF7
EDUMCE23 Critical Questions in Urban Education 5 cr Lectures, independent work, written assignments, literature English 2 Yes/ EQF7
EDUMCE33 Traineeship 10 cr Independent work English



1-4 (after first study year) Only for students of Changing Education programme /
Not for exchange students
EDUM034 Orientation to working life 5 cr Independent work, writing, student participates in the activities of chosen organization for 15-20 working days. English 1-4 Not for exchange students/ EQF7

(Only for students of the Changing Education programme)