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If you are liable to pay for tuition, this page is for you. The second year tuition fees are to be paid by the end of May.

Please note that grants are not available for students in the Bachelor's Programme in Science.

First academic year

You can find the payment instructions for the first academic year from the University’s website.

Second academic year

Students must pay their tuition fee for the second year of study before they can register as attending. The tuition fee for the second academic year is to be paid online by credit card (Visa , Mastercard or Finnish online banking codes) or by invoice by 31 May. The Student Services will send you a payment link or invoice at the beginning of May. The tuition fee must be paid in one lot. Please make sure that the credit card limit is sufficient to complete the payment. Please also remember to check possible country or other restrictions concerning your credit card before completing the payment. Once your tuition fee has been received, you will be registered as attending for the whole academic year and you will be notified about this. You do not need to pay separately the membership fee for the Student Union (HYY) as it is included in the tuition fee.

If you wish to register as non-attending for the whole academic year, for the autumn term or for the spring term, please contact the Student Services before paying the tuition fee. Please note that if you are registered as non-attending you cannot attend classes or complete studies at the University of Helsinki. We will also inform your programme of your non-attendance. It is also likely that your non-attendance will affect your application for extending your residence permit. Please note that if you were awarded a second year Study Grant you must register as attending for the whole academic year.

Third academic year (master's)

These same rules apply if you are delayed in your studies and must study for a third academic year so as to graduate. You can register as attending for the following autumn term, in which case you must pay half the tuition fee. The fee will be charged by term until you have completed the degree.

Cancelling your registration

You can cancel your registration by contacting the Student Services. To cancel your registration for the autumn term or the entire academic year, contact the Student Services by 31 August. Registrations for the spring term must be cancelled by 15 January. You can claim a refund of the tuition fee from the Student Services by 30 September/31 January. Please note that the University withholds 300€ from the refund for administrative costs.

Grants awarded for the first and second study year

These instructions concern you if you were awarded a Tuition Fee Grant and/or a Study Grant for both the first and the second study year. Please note that grants are not available for students in the Bachelor's Programme in Science.

  • In order to receive your grant for the second study year, you must earn 55 credits during your first study year. This is the only requirement for receiving the grant.
  • You do not need to submit a certificate of your earned credits or apply separately for the second year’s grant. The Student Services will check from the student register whether you have earned enough credits at the beginning of June and will notify you when this has been done. If by the beginning of June some credits are not yet registered due to administrative processes, the Student Services might contact you.
  • Those who received the Tuition Fee Grant and earned 55 credits will then be registered as attending for the upcoming academic year.
  • The Study Grants can either be deducted from the tuition fee invoice (due date 31 May) or transferred to a Finnish bank account in two installments, each worth 5 000€. The first installment shall be paid during the autumn term after 31 August, and the second installment shall be paid during the spring term, after 15 January. The grant can be paid to the student only after s/he has registered as attending for the whole second academic year.


Tuition fees are reimbursed per academic year or academic term. If a student has begun studying at the University of Helsinki in the autumn term, only the spring term can be reimbursed.

The University withholds 300€ from all reimbursements to cover administrative costs.

The tuition fee can be reimbursed if

  • a conditionally admitted student fails to meet the conditions for admission within the allocated time,
  • a student’s application for a residence permit is rejected,
  • the residence permit status of a student who has accepted a place changes before registration so that he or she is no longer liable to pay a tuition fee,
  • the degree programme is not offered or a force majeure event occurs,
  • a student cancels the registration as attending and claims the refund on time (see Second academic year).

If a student graduates in the autumn of the second academic year before the target duration of the degree has expired, he or she will be reimbursed for half the tuition fee for the second academic year.