How do I register for my courses and exams?

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This article concerns all degree students regardless of whether they are studying in the new degree programmes or according to the old degree structures. 

In addition to registering as an attending or non-attending student for the academic year, you will have to register separately for all courses which you intend to complete. Registration for studies is done through WebOodi, so you will need a valid University user account to register.

The course description on the Course page or WebOodi will indicate whether a registration is required and provide instructions. In unclear cases, you can always contact the course coordinator for more information. Contact details for the course coordinator will be indicated on the Course page or in the course description on WebOodi. Instructions on registering for Language Centre courses are available here.

After registration, you can easily see your courses on the My Studies page. My Studies collects your course schedules and links to any course materials in one place.

You always need to register for the General examinations in WebOodi.