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By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

Don't know where to seek advice? These instructions will point you in the right direction. Whatever your needs are, this website will help you find the right services for advice and support.

I have questions about the coronavirus situation or its related teaching arrangements

See the current instructions: The effect of coronavirus on your studies - Q&A

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  • If you have any questions about the general measures caused by the coronavirus at the University, please contact
  • If you have questions about course arrangements or you cannot participate in mandatory contact teaching, contact the teacher responsible for the course. For more information on the course, see Sisu (if you have already registered) or search the course page from Courses (if you have not yet registered for the course).
  • If you need guidance for your studies or if you cannot find answers to your questions from your faculty’s coronavirus instructions, please contact your faculty’s student services.

I need general advice on studies (e.g., registration for the academic year)

Student Services at Kaisa House

Student Services provides general advice and guidance on studies and helps students find the right services. Student Services performs duties relating to registration for the academic year, annual stickers for student cards, and transcripts and diplomas.

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You can also obtain general study-related advice and guidance from Student Services staff working in Kumpula, Viikki and Meilahti.

I need support for planning or completing studies

Faculty-specific student advice and guidance

The purpose of faculty-specific student advice and guidance is to help students plan their studies and resolve other degree programme-specific matters. You can book a personal appointment with a student advisor. Please contact the on-site service point of your faculty’s Student Services. For contact details and methods, please see the Student Services’ site.

Language Centre advice and guidance

The Language Centre provides advice and guidance on the communication and language studies included in degrees as well as on foreign language studies, the recognition of communication and language studies, and registration for language courses.

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Open University advice and guidance

Open University's Student services help you with all your questions concerning studying in Open University. Contact us: Contact information (Open University) 

PSP advice

The purpose of the personal study plan (PSP) is to make a plan with a teacher or group of teachers on the completion of studies. You can find the contact details of PSP supervisors on the Instructions for Students website. Please be sure to log in to access information pertaining to your degree programme. You can also check who is your PSP-supervisor in Sisu in section My Profile.

I need help with planning my optional studies

You can explore the optional studies offered by various faculties on the Instructions for Students website.​

You can find the courses included in optional study modules on the website Degree structure and scope of the degree or in Sisu when you add the module to your study plan. For detailed descriptions of individual courses, please see the relevant course brochure or search for the course by its code or title on the Courses website.

You can find information on the amount of optional studies required for your degree and, for example, the credit requirements for an optional study module in your study plan in Sisu or on the website Degree structure and scope of the degree.

The study plan instructions contain detailed information on how to add optional studies to your study plan in Sisu.

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I need assistance for progressing in my studies, developing my studying skills or enhancing my mental wellbeing

Counselling psychologist services

The University’s counselling psychologists offer support for developing studying skills and coping with studies and study-related tension and anxiety.

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Other services supporting mental wellbeing

Further information on student wellbeing services

I need help with the use of Sisu

As a student of the University of Helsinki, you need to draw up a study plan in the academic administration system Sisu. You will also register for courses, submit electronic applications and communicate with your supervisor via your study plan. More specific Sisu instructions are available on page Sisu instructions for students. In addition, you can find more information of planning your studies and PSP-supervision on Instructions for students.

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I need help with an IT problem


Helpdesk can assist you if you have problems related to information technology, such as your user account, Office 365 or other information systems. Further information can be found on the Students’ IT services page.

Helpdesk offers comprehensive instructions and a chatbot available 24/7 at If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Helpdesk.

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  • If you have an urgent question, please use the chat service (Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00). You can find the service on all Helpdesk webpages.
  • In urgent matters, you can also call the phone service (Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00), phone 02941 55555.
  • Email advice on non-urgent issues:

I wish to participate in an exchange programme or the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO)

International Exchange Services and Education Cooperation

International Exchange Services and Education Cooperation helps with questions relating to exchange studies, international traineeships and the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO).

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Information sessions

I need advice on a traineeship

Career Services

Career Services offers advice on the completion of traineeships in Finland, including traineeship agreements and funding. Instructions are available online at Traineeships.

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NB! For instructions on traineeships providing professional qualifications as well as information on the relevant contact people, please see the Degree programme-specific traineeship instructions page. For instructions on teaching practice as well as information on the relevant contact people, please see the Would you like to become a subject teacher? page

I need support for career planning or job seeking

Career Services

Career Services supports your employment and the growth of your expertise. We offer traineeship advice, career guidance and support for job seeking. For further information on support for job seeking and career planning, please see the Work and career page.

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I need assistance in information seeking and library transactions

Library services

Helsinki University Library serves its customers at all four campuses and is open to everyone. Further information on the services and opportunities provided by Helsinki University Library

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I need support for writing my thesis

General instructions for thesis writing can be found under Theses.

If you are having difficulties writing your thesis, you can receive assistance from the University’s counselling psychologists. Thesis writers can book a 30-minute appointment for remote support using the counsellors’ booking system.

Helsinki University Library organises online courses on information seeking and offers remote guidance. It has also published tips for information retrieval and management.

Events supporting thesis work are also organised at Guidance Corner. Please read more on the Guidance Corner site.

I need learning support due to a disability, illness or other difficulty

Accessibility liaison

You can contact the University’s accessibility liaison if you have any questions about individual arrangements.

As a student of the University of Helsinki, you may be entitled to individual study-related arrangements if you have an illness, disability or difficulty that hampers your studies. Individual arrangements are a type of individual support for learning, which may be needed, for example, due to a physical disability, sensory deficit, long-term illness or a cognitive difficulty related to reading or writing. Individual arrangements refer to practical arrangements relating to teaching, guidance or examinations.

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I have encountered harassment or inappropriate behaviour at the University and need support

Harassment liaisons

Students of the University of Helsinki are entitled to a safe and welcoming study environment. If you encounter harassment or inappropriate behaviour at the University, you can contact the University’s harassment liaisons.

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You can read more about the University’s efforts to promote equality, diversity and accessibility on the Instructions for Students website.

I want to know more about courses in Swedish or the Swedish-speaking community

The Bilingual Affairs (Svenska ärenden) at the University Services co-ordinates and develops bilingualism at the University. Each campus has its own coordinator developing bilingualism at the University's four campuses.

If you want to know more about e.g. courses in Swedish or the Swedish-speaking community, do not hesitate to contact your own campus coordinator:

Read more on the University's website.

I wish to study at the University of Helsinki

Admissions Services

Admissions Services can help you with questions relating to, for example, applying to the University of Helsinki or to another degree programme.

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I wish to study at the Open University

Open University's advice and guidance

Open University's Student services help you with all your questions concerning studying in Open University.

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